The Day My Startup Died: Of failure, pain and starting anew

I’d spent the last few weeks desperately trying to save my startup and failed. My co-founder had told me point blank that he had no faith in my ability to be the CEO of the company. I’d studied at the best engineering college in the country, worked at the best management consulting firm in the world. I took risks and tried to build a real business that built real technologies to help real factory. I even had paying customers. And still, I’d failed.

How The Lack Of Fraud-Free Matrimony Sites Led Me To Build Truejodi

The inspiration to start up came when friends and family who used matrimonial sites to seek matrimonial alliances, often cribbed about fakes and frauds on those sites. While matrimony is quite an important life decision, you often get bumped into a lot of fakes. Having seen this happen with close family and friends, I thought that no matrimonial site was looking at authenticating profiles. This led me to build Truejodi – a reliable place to find a 100% verified match.