There’s More To Diversity Than Just Women In The Workforce

The definition of diversity in India or rather in corporate India is still limited to the inclusion of women in the workplace. The focus still seems to revolve around giving priority to recruitment of women, creating “enabling” policies, offering healthy work-life balance, etc. to encourage retaining women in the work force. But there’s more to diversity than just women in the workforce.

4 Unexpected Learnings From My Internship At A Startup

Having interned with two PSU’s earlier, I knew that an internship at a startup would be a different & unique experience, one that I was very eager to begin. While writing this, I realized how time flies, with my internship culminating soon. While sitting in my cubicle and mentally turning the pages of my internship journal, I reflect – It has certainly been the most productive summer vacation for me! Every form of positive learning I have come across since this internship commenced, is still fresh in my mind.

Here are the four positive unexpected learnings that have helped me find a better version of myself and continue to do so: