Here Is How You Can Get Over A Creative Block Effectively

Have you had days when you’re bubbling and bursting with creative ideas followed by days when you simply can’t get moving on anything? Times when you have spent most of your day staring at a blank laptop screen, feeling extremely tired to function and like you have completely exhausted your creativity? Don’t worry; this is nothing but a creative block and it happens to most creative people.

Engineering Graduates Across India Desperately Wait For Their Dates Of Joining

What companies typically issue at college campuses are Letters of Intent – which are essentially job offers, but they come with a caveat – they don’t specify when the selected students will be required to join these companies and start their professional lives. A lucky few get their Dates of Joining, or DOJs, right after graduating, which ensures a seamless transition from college life to the real world. But there are a large group of students who are kept on hold until business requirements dictate that they be brought on board. In a bleak economic environment, this wait can extend for months.

Ready To Quit Your Job? Follow These 5 Rules Before Taking The Leap

In 2013 Gallup published a report on State of The Global Workplace and revealed some staggering data. Only 13% of the global workforce is actively engaged in their jobs, while 63% are not engaged and 24% actively disengaged. The data is more troubling for us, the Southeast Asia inhabitants. Only 12% of our workforce is actively engaged in this region, while 73% are not engaged and 14% are actively disengaged.

Overcome Any Sales Objection: Never Take ‘No’ For An Answer

For any sales representative, the biggest challenge ever, is to overcome the fear of rejection. Whether you are cold calling a prospective customer or pitching your idea, you might think they are on the verge of getting convinced, and then they said, “I’m not interested, thank you.” What should you do in such a situation? Of course there is no option to feel demotivated or panic. If you are in Sales, coping with rejection and coming out as a winner is the first and foremost thing to adapt.

6 Ways To Write A Cold Email That Works

Cold emails have taken over cold calls for a while now. First, it’s the most effective form of networking if you are dealing with a client who has online presence and second, it’s the cheapest. Cold email is a useful tool to network with potential investors without relying on your existing sources. It definitely works, but not always. Why? Because writing a perfect cold email that will make people respond requires skills not everyone has. It’s indeed difficult to make people like you in one email. But don’t be stressed. We are going to share the secret formula to write an effective cold email. Read on!