Patanjali To Launch Ecommerce Marketplace ‘OrderMe’ To Sell Only Made-In-India, Swadeshi Products

The one company that stands for all things Made-In-India and prides itself on being a custodian of Swadeshi versions of every consumer product has been quick on its feet. Patanjali Ayurveda, the FMCG giant established by Baba Ramdev has announced the launch of an ecommerce platform called “OrderMe” and that it will go live within the next 15 days. The platform will sell, other than Patanjali’s own products, made-in-India and Swadeshi products made by others. Other than products, the platform will also offer 24/7 consultations with its inhouse doctors and Ayurvedic experts.

Defence Tech Startup Tonbo Imaging Claims Govt Has Defaulted On Payments, Cancelled Contracts

Tonbo Imaging, a Bangalore-based company that produces and for the last 12 years has been supplying defence technology such as advanced sensors, cameras, and software used by defence forces, has claimed that the government is not living up to their “make-in-India” mantra themselves. Arvind Lakshmikumar, the CEO of the company has released a strongly worded open-letter to the government that claims that the government has defaulted on the payments for defence equipment supplied by the company.

Over 250 Crore Of Alcohol Sold In Karnataka In A Day As Liquor Stores Begin To Open Up

After almost 45 days of a country-wide lockdown and a complete prohibition on alcohol due to CoVid19, India decided to loosen some of the restrictions across zones as the country looks to scramble back to opening up. The first ostentatious beneficiaries of the partial relaxation were liquor stores as the govt. let individual states decide their status provided all social distancing norms were followed. It wasn’t long before that queues – even as long as kilometre – formed outside the alcohol stores that were open.