I Deep-Dived Into Two Of The Most Common “Make-Money-Working-From-Home” Scams: Bitcoin Trading And Affiliate Marketing

With the Coronavirus lockdown, and ensuing lockdowns, institutionalised work-from-homes, job losses and more time than ever on hand, work-from-home jobs have seen a surge in popularity.
And along with the legit opportunities, newer job descriptions, and genuine remote gigs have come scams. As I’d discover after days of a sting operation, the internet is replete with thousands of unscrupulous con artists out there to trap those unsuspecting folks who’re all but looking to find an alternate, easy enough income stream.

This Beautiful Space In Hyderabad Isn’t A Mall Or Sports Zone. It’s An Office

This amazing space is the recreational centre at the Infosys Development Campus, located in the SEZ area, Hyderabad. The Hyderabad campus houses 8,000 employees (or “infoscions”, as Infosys terms them) has training facilities with on-campus accommodation for 700 students. There are two large food courts, the obligatory cricket ground, mini-golf and all kinds of recreational facilities for the employees. Infosys is known for its sprawling, vast campuses full of amenities and facilities.

Why Buying Fake Facebook Fans And Twitter Followers Is Bad

Numbers. We all love them. Pageviews, ‘uniques’, subscribers and of course Facebook fans and Twitter followers. The higher they are, the more your business can be validated.
However, once what used to be a metric to judge how useful your business is to the audience you cater to by way of number of people liking or following you, has now come to mean ‘the more the better’. And brands, even the most popular ones, are resorting to buying fans and followers to boost their social media stats. However, buying your social media audience could do more harm than good and here’s why.