12 Crazy Workplace Accidents That Will Make You Go Ouch

Think jobs, and the most dire situation that you’d think that could arise is a particularly bad case of the Monday blues. Not really. Workplaces are fraught with their own set of risks, and dangerous accidents are common. Some jobs are riskier for your health and safety than others, but as you’ll see, even in seemingly boring desk job in an IT company, hazards can arise out of nowhere.

10 Things I wish I Could Say To My Boss, But Probably Won’t

No, I’m not about to actually say these to him anytime soon, but god knows how I’ve felt the urge to say them.

I don’t think I’m the only person who’s spent many an exasperated moment wanting to say a few things to our bosses, but simply can’t. Either you value the job too much to risk losing it, or just in deference to seniority, how we do react to the boss is not always how we feel. So, here’s some things I want to say to my boss, even if he’s mostly not going to read it. Some boss, somewhere, might.