How Solar Companies Are Using The IPL To Pitch Their Products This Season

The IPL is the biggest extravaganza in India. It is now the second most valuable sports league in the world ahead of the EPL and NBA, and regularly sets viewership and streaming records. With India’s 1.4 billion-strong population’s attention fixated on the IPL while it’s on, companies and brands look to capitalize, either through marketing campaigns or sponsoring IPL teams.

And the flavour of the 2024 season is solar panel companies. The PM Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana announced in February this year aims to install solar panels on 1 crore households in India. As such, solar companies in India have sat up, and are quickly looking to build their brands. As many as 5 IPL teams are currently sponsored by solar companies, and other companies have signed on individual cricketers as well. These are the IPL teams with solar companies as their sponsors.

Delhi Capitals: Waaree Solar

Waaree is the biggest solar panel manufacturer in India with an installed capacity of 9 GW. While it’s based in Gujarat, Waaree Solar sponsors Delhi Capitals — it is an Associate Partner of the Delhi team, and its logo is prominently displayed on the front leg of the Delhi Capitals players this season in the IPL.

Lucknow Super Giants: Insolation Energy

Jaipur-based Insolation Energy is an emerging player in the solar panels industry in India, and has an installed capacity of 0.7 GW. Insolation Energy is the ‘official solar partner’ of the Lucknow Super Giants this season. The Insolation Energy logo is on the front legs of the LSG squad in 2024.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Navitas Solar:

Navitas Solar has an installed solar capacity of 0.5 GW, and it is associated with the Royal Challengers Bengaluru. Navitas is the renewable energy partner for RCB this season.

Chennai Super Kings: Rayzon Solar

Rayzon Solar is one of the bigger solar panel manufacturers on this list with an installed capacity of 1.5 GW, and it sponsors one of the most successful teams in the competition, Chennai Super Kings. Rayzon Solar is the renewable energy partner of CSK, and its logo can be seen on the non-primary arm of the squad this season.

Gujarat Titans: Rayzon Solar

Gujarat-based Rayzon Solar also sponsors another IPL team. It is the renewable energy partner for Gujarat Titans, and its logo can be seen on the primary leg of the GT squad this season.

Mumbai Indians: Goldi Solar

Goldi Solar is one of the biggest solar panel manufacturers on this list, and it fittingly sponsors one of the biggest teams this season. Goldi Solar, which has an installed capacity of 2.5 GW, is the official solar energy sponsor of the Mumbai Indians. Goldi Solar’s logo is also present on the back legs of the Mumbai Indians team this year.

Ravindra Jadeja: Saatvik Green Energy

And while several IPL teams have their own solar partners, Haryana-based Saatvik Green Energy has signed on CSK and India star Ravindra Jadeja this season as their official brand ambassador. Saatvik Green Energy has an installed capacity of 1.5 GW.