3 Tips For Finding The Perfect Outsourcing Provider

It’s understandable that your company can’t do it all. You might have a limited staff or your company might be an expert in one field, but not have a lot of knowledge in another. In scenarios like this, you might have to outsource a project to another organization.

But how do you ensure that you’re going to pick the right partner for your company to team up with? 

Continue reading below for our tips on finding a partner to outsource your work to. 


Clearly Define Your Business Goals

If you approach an outsourcing provider without a clear-cut plan of what you need to accomplish within a certain timeframe or you don’t communicate what you expect to receive out of the relationship, then you’re already setting the relationship up for failure.

Instead, you need to approach any outsourcing provider with what you expect to receive from them and you need to tell them what the end goal is for the project. For example, you’ll be needing to outsource customer service, check some call center companies in the Philippines and other top BPO countries you wish to work with. If you find a prospective company, set a meeting ang tell them all your concerns as well as the service you expect from them. This will help save you time from being frustrated with the work that the outsourcing provider returns to you, and it will save them time from needing to re-do a project. 

Request References And A Portfolio

Part of finding the perfect outsourcing provider is being able to see what that specific provider has done in the past. If your company is in a very specific niche, then you may want an outsourcing provider that has worked with other companies in your niche before. This will save them time in their research process (and will save you money because they’ll grant a lower quote amount.) 

If they’ve worked with similar companies to you before, you’ll also want to request to see some of the work that they’ve done with these companies. If you don’t like the outsourcing providers atmosphere or the level of work that they’re presenting to you, then they aren’t the partner for you. 

Establish A Simple Line Of Communication

Before you decide on who your outsourcing provider will be, you should talk with them about the simplest way for your team to communicate with theirs. Will your team be given a specific Account Manager, such as you’ll get with Oworkers, or will you need to call someone new each time that a problem arises? Do they prefer to get in contact by email, or do they have an instant messaging service that they prefer to use such as Slack or Gchat.

Talking about the form of communication upfront can help you establish what will work best for your team and the processes that you currently use for various kinds of internal communication. This can save you a lot of headache in the long run. 

If you love what an outsourcing provider has to offer in terms of their portfolio, but don’t love the communication style that they’re proposing, then talk with them before signing a contract to see how the communication between your teams can be improved.  

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