4 Major Reasons Why Vinyl Wrap is Better than A Respray

Whether you have a new car or an old vehicle, a vinyl wrap or a ppf will take the beauty of your car to the next level. The vinyl wrap looks perfect on a certain car but not all. This can save your car from light hail damages because of the highly protective layer. There are various reasons why vinyl wrap is better than a respray. The following are the 4 major reasons why vinyl car wrap is better than a respray.


If you are going for the option of a high-quality respray then it may cost you around $3500 to $20,000. Cost mainly depends upon the quality you prefer and the shop you decided for the respray.

While on the other hand, vinyl wrap installation with extremely high-quality materials will cost you around $3000 to $5000. In addition to this, the life expectancy rate associated with this wrap will be around 4 to 10 years of age, depending upon the environment and state in which you are living.

Hence the respray is 4 to 5 times costlier as compared to the vinyl wrap. The vinyl wrap will let you feel a huge and major difference in the protection of the car then the respray. It can be examined that for a cost of a fraction of the paint on your car, a vinyl wrap will provide you the best quality of wrap at your whole car in just a fraction of the price of paint.

If you are living in Australia, then the best Vinyl wrap that is available in the market is VVID XPO, TCBunny 3d, ATMOMO, VVIVID auto wrap, etc. 

Car resale value.

It is very difficult for us to maintain the original manufacturer’s paint of the car that has been received at the time of purchase. If you have maintained the original paint that was at the time of the purchase, then it can make your car resale value more attractive and profitable.

More there are protective measures to maintain the car original paint the more will be the resale value. If you have installed high-quality vinyl wraps at the body of the car, then it will protect your car paint from getting fade or scratch. 

If you put your car too much in front of the sunlight might result in the quick fade of the wraps. But if you will put your vehicle under the shadow in the garage, then it will maximize the lifespan of the vinyl wraps.

The wrap will be removed safely after the 4 to 10 years’ period and the original paint of the car will not be affected.

Unlimited options.

After purchasing a car, if you want to transform the car into a different look by giving it the desired respray according to your requirement, then it will be often seen that the desired paint is not available in the market.

By approaching this query of the unavailability of the desired paint in the market, vinyl wrap gives you an advantage in this situation by giving you countless choices of the wrap you want to have in your car.

The vinyl wrap will make your car unique in front of the others and will glorify your car outlook. If you demand a change in your car after a few years then there is no problem associated with this. You can change the vinyl wrap by replacing it with any color of your desire.

Easy maintenance

Vinyl wrap cars are easy to maintain and will have a brand new look once you wash it with soap and water. You should ask your installer of the vinyl wrap what kind of materials you can use to wash your car for a beautiful outlook.

The more you protect your car by washing it and taking care of it, the more will be its resale value. Hence, you should go for the vehicle vinyl wrap instead of the respray to give your car a fascinating and glorious look.

Above mentioned are the 4 reasons why you should use vinyl wrap instead of the respray or paint. Vinyl wrap is more effective and easy to be maintained. If you buy a new car, then vinyl wraps are the best choice for your car to protect it.