5 Popular Online Certification Programs for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

There’s no doubt that real-life experiences are the best tutors in the world. But in today’s technology-driven world, 47% of the world’s population use the internet to find basic information. Be it medical knowledge or education material; everything is available on the web.

Online certification courses have made it possible for the aspiring candidates as well as working professionals to shift careers choices. But before you do that, it is essential to select the field. In the current times, more and more people are opting for entrepreneurship. Not only it is a lucrative field, but the scope in entrepreneurship is pretty good. 


Why Choose Online Programs for Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship contributes to the national economy of a country. There’s no denying to the fact that this popular field has the potential to take the economy to a whole new level. Yes, you read it right! Businesses in India contribute significantly to the total GDP of the country – up to 7% of the total value. Besides, businesses are known for providing employment opportunities to thousands of unemployed people out there. That being said, it helps the economy grow both socially and economically. That’s the power of entrepreneurship. 

Whether you are planning to commence a startup or you already run a giant multinational organization, it is imperative to opt for the necessary online certification programs to obtain considerable knowledge of the business. Here we have come up with the top 5 certification programs that every aspiring entrepreneur should consider.

  1. Product Management Certification Program

When it comes to effective business management, product design and its management play a vital role in determining the overall success. This is wherein the role of Product Management Certification Program comes in. 

The performance of the business is highly impacted by the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that an entrepreneur faces every single day. For instance, 44% of the business owners say the mobile devices have a huge impact on the small business. This creates an opportunity for businesses to make their websites mobile-friendly. 

If you want to learn more about business and product management, we suggest you take this course from upGrad. Here’s what you can learn in this course:

  • Learn to apply a comprehensive strategy to the business. 
  • Use effective analysis to develop precise, goal-oriented, and dynamic business plan.
  • Use case studies to get an idea of how a product analysis theory can be applied to different business situations.

The program is valuable for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create perfect business plans and ensure lucrative product management.

  1. MBA (Executive) with Specialization in Business Analytics

If you are planning to commence your startup and get familiar with the business world, this is the course you should take into consideration. How to Start Your Own Business is one of the most comprehensive yet easy entrepreneurship courses developed by upGrad. 

As it is pretty clear from the name itself, this program is mainly developed for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for all the necessary information to launch a business. The best part about this program is it teaches you everything related to the entrepreneurship, i.e., developing an entrepreneurial mindset, developing a perfect and cost-effective business strategy, developing your business structure, business idea generation, preparing to launch your startup in the market, and surviving in the competitive market. Here’s what all you get to learn in this program:

  • The comprehensive guide on how to create perfect business plans with confidence.
  • Develop the recruitment plan as well as financial documents for your business.
  • Design a fascinating business model.
  • Launch your business

What makes this course more valuable and exceptional is the final part which is, to put everything you have learned into action by commencing your business. 

  1. Entrepreneurship Certification Program

As the name says, this course will introduce the aspiring entrepreneurs to all the existing options for their startups. You would be mentored by industry experts, avail learning through case studies and assignments with personalised feedback and taught to tap into the funding opportunities. This can help in framing the business model effectively. Here’s what you can learn:

  • Discover the short-term as well as long-term requirements of your business.
  • Determine different financial options with their pros and cons. 
  • Find out the right financing option that perfectly fits your business requirements.
  1. PG Program in Management

Another famous course for aspiring entrepreneurs is the PG Program in Management by upGrad. 69% of the people in the United States commence their business from home. But the question is, how do they launch their products? This program is designed for entrepreneurs who want to launch their products quickly in the market. In addition to teaching entrepreneurs how to launch the minimum viable products quickly, the given course helps people learn the tips on how to run & manage a business enterprise effectively and convert customer’s feedback into the product’s features. 

The course focuses on two vital aspects, i.e., how to make and launch the product and how to market it. Here’s what you will learn in this course:

  • A perfect guide on how to launch your product quickly in the market.
  • Tips on designing the right product that caters to the customers’ requirements.
  • The metrics to evaluate your products.
  1. PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication

If you have commenced your business, you might be looking for the right digital marketing courses. This specialized program can teach you everything about digital marketing. This course is an amazing option for entrepreneurs who have heard of online marketing but don’t know how to apply it to the real-world business. Here’s what you will learn in this program:

  • How powerful internet marketing is and how exactly it works for small-scale businesses.
  • Develop a strong digital marketing strategy that suits your brand.
  • Analyze your online marketing efforts.

Summing up

No matter how much capital you are investing in your startup, you cannot become a successful entrepreneur until you get proper guidance and tips on how to satisfy your customers.

Now the question is, how do you get this guidance? All you need is to enroll to the online certification courses for aspiring entrepreneurs. And that’s it! Believe it or not, it won’t take much time to master the course and become a better and professional entrepreneur. 

So, are you ready to start your journey?