7 Reasons Businesses Should Use A Professional Contract Cleaner

With an average of 8 hours a day spent at work, it’s crucial that these spaces are kept clean and tidy for staff and visitors. However, nobody wants to finish their working day then have to clean their office before they can go home and relax.

This is why contract cleaning services are one of the best investments a business can make but don’t just take our word for it, read on for the reasons why companies should hire a contract cleaner to maintain cleanliness levels on the premises.

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1.  Removes Hassles

The main reason for hiring a contract cleaner is the simple reason of not wanting to do it yourself.

While the idea of implementing a cleaning rota may seem like a great idea at first, it is very rare that this practice actually works out. Staff should not be frequently asked to perform tasks that are not in their job description and can leave them upset.

There will always be staff members who need to rush off at the end of the day for one reason or another or others who do not clean to a satisfactory standard.

This can lead to tension between colleagues which can easily be avoided by hiring the professionals.

Those who have been roped into cleaning their own office space will lose focus on their daily tasks to have to clean, this can lead to missed deadlines or poor quality of work.

Staff should be able to focus on the tasks that keep the business running smoothly and keeping clients happy, not the cleanliness of where they work.

2.  Avoids Slips, Trips and Falls

Accidents at work are never wanted and if someone was to come into any harm for a completely unavoidable reason, this can be even worse.

Not only can staff and visitors be harmed, but there is always a risk of a lawsuit if health and safety were not properly followed in the workplace.

Professional cleaners are trained in the best health and safety procedures. From wet floor signage to cleaning hallways and stairwells and ensuring fire escapes remain clear and accessible.

Even storing cleaning chemicals incorrectly can come with hazards, most contract cleaners will provide their own products and remove them at the end of each shift.

Those who keep cleaning chemicals on-site will have an understanding of COSHH and colour-coded cleaning to avoid any cross-contamination.

3.  Full Control

Businesses have full control over their contracts with professional cleaners. Each contractor will tailor plans to meet the requirements of each premise. 

Business owners will not have to pay for services they don’t need or want and can alter these services whenever they need.

Ad-hoc services can be given with little notice to providers. Big sale events in showrooms or office Christmas parties can often lead to mess and stains that were not expected.

Instead of spending man-hours getting staff to try and rectify this, professional cleaners can offer one-off deep cleaning and dispose of litter and waste and leave buildings as good as new.

4.  Boost Productivity

If there is any reason to hire a cleaner, it’s this one. Providing a clean and hygienic workspace to staff boosts productivity substantially.

No one is going to feel motivated working in dust and grime and something as simple as filthy toilets can lead to staff dreading going into work. 

Clean air can improve employees ability to complete cognitive tasks. So really, keeping an office clean will help to generate more revenue with more efficiency and better quality of work.

5.  Looks After Employee Health

Especially in the days of COVID-19, looking after employee health is imperative. With high traffic flow in a workspace and long hours spent in these areas, germs bacteria and viruses can quickly spread if not properly seen to.

Professional cleaners have the best understanding of how to properly disinfect services and office equipment to reduce the spread of anything nasty.

Reducing sick days can save businesses money too. There has been an increase of 10 million sick days taken in the last 8 years for preventable, minor illnesses such as coughs and colds.

6.  Keeping Up Appearances

Businesses only have one chance at a first impression. When trying to win new clients, no matter how great the services are, if they visit a dirty, neglected office, they can quickly be put off signing up.

A filthy office can give the impression of neglect and if businesses owners neglect their own space, clients will often think they neglect other areas of the business too.

Avoid losing out on revenue by giving a great impression from the first instant and showing pride in the profession by maintaining a clean office space.

7.  Quality Products

Paying for cleaning products and equipment can be incredibly costly. At least once a year there should be a professional carpet clean and hard to reach windows need addressing often, yet the tools to stretch that far aren’t always at hand.

Every day domestic vacuum cleaners are often not up to the task of commercial and office cleaning and investing in an industrial machine can be very costly.

Professional cleaners always provide their own equipment, meaning business owners don’t have to cough up for the purchase or repairs.

8.  They’re The Experts

No matter how good staff are at cleaning their own homes, few have the experience and knowledge to clean at the large scale a workplace requires. 

Professional cleaners will come with expert knowledge on how to clean from top to bottom and provide the best results each day. Some, like eMaids of Washington DC, will even provide suggestions on how best to approach your office cleaning.

They even come with insider know-how for tricky stains that could be bothersome, coffee stains are a common occurrence in every office but can be hard to remove without the right knowledge.

Make sure your business is making the right impression, looking after staff and reducing unnecessary wasted time cleaning up after others with a worthwhile investment of contract cleaners.