These Are Some of The Best Recruiting Tools Out There

Oh boy, the recruiting tools are getting a bit out of hand. There is literally a tool for everything.  But, like phone apps, just because there is a tool for it, doesn’t mean you have to have it. Figure out what works best for you.  Like everything else, you will have your own systems that just seem to work and remember you can always hire a freelancer for those tasks that you just cannot seem to get to, such as cleaning out old contacts and such.


Job Aggregator

This is software that you can use to post on all job boards, even specialized ones.  It helps you spread your wings a little faster. These come in a variety of looks and functions but basically is a search engine for jobs.  It is helpful for those posting as long as they understand that they need keywords in their descriptions to have qualified applicants find them.  When posting for a job aggregator you need to ensure that your posting has the keywords and location in it. These can also massively push your jobs out to 100’s of job boards at one time.  And, it will also pull up the postings for those seeking a job. There are literally thousands of job aggregators out there, including one by Google

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) helps recruiter track all the applications that come through from the various postings.  This is a very important tool as it can help you stay organized and continue to provide that personal touch as a recruiter, without overwhelming yourself.  There literally are 100s of pieces of software that can help you track and start a recruitment database. So, before you start looking around you should probably take a minute to write down some key points that you are looking for in such software so that you don’t get overwhelmed.  Be sure that the software does what you need without a bunch of added bells and whistles that complicate things.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media has become huge in everyone’s world.  It is how we connect and communicate on a regular basis.  It is also a wonderful and powerful tool for recruiters. You can advertise on social media and find out more about your candidates from there.  It can help you gain helpful insights into people but it also can consume you if you are not careful. Being able to post freely on social media and all at one time is important. But, doing it manually may be a timely and tedious task.  Hence, social media management tools

These will allow you to post, like, subscribe, unsubscribe and function on a larger basis than just with one account.  There are many ways to do this, however, you need to find a way that you are comfortable in using. Some are approved by social media platforms and some are not.  These are risks you need to know if you are willing to take, in the event something gets shut down. 

Networking tools

Networking tools help you stay in front of the people that you have recruited.  These are tools that help you stay on the same page as your team as well. These tools can be something as simple as facebook groups.  These are groups of like-minded people that are looking to collaborate about the same things.