Does Your Customer Know What A Cash Discount Program Is? This Is How You Help Them Understand

Thousands of business owners are making the switch to a cash discount program once they realize how incredibly beneficial the program can be. You could be one of the many merchants who are already finding this program working to their advantage. 

Now, while business owners understand how this cash discount program works, some customers may not be familiar with the concept just yet. This is how you help them understand how it works and why they should consider paying cash. Cash discount programs like the kind offered by PaymentCloud can save your business hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars per year. However, it all depends on how you present this program to your customers to get them on board with the concept:

  • Make Your Discount Program Visible In Your Store – A discount program is only successful if your customers know about it. If there is one thing customers love more than buying stuff, it is a good discount. Offer your customers a discount they cannot resist and they will be lining up at the door to do business at your store. But the only way this can happen is if your customers know about it. If your business is offering a cash discount program, make it visible in your store. Put up signs that are hard to miss. 
  • Be Honest About the Savings – Before your customers make a purchase, they should be informed about the service fee. When they see your cash discount sign and ask about it, this is when you tell them they’ll be saving money on the service fee if they choose to pay in cash. Some customers might not be clear about how the program works. They may question whether it is legal for you to charge a service fee for using a credit card service. PaymentCloud is legal and compliant with the state’s legislation and you will be issued with a document to help you explain this to your customer if the need arises. 
  • Interact With Your Customers the Right Way – The way you interact with your customers at the point of sale is very important. Explain in as much detail as possible to your customer about how the discount program works. Be patient and answer all of their questions, even if it takes a little bit more time. Your customers will appreciate the excellent customer service that they get from you and they will be more inclined to do business with you next time. A good tip to win over customers and get them on board with choosing to pay cash is to give them the option. For example, a good way to present the discount program would be to ask the customer if they would like to save sixty cents or eighty cents (depending on the service fee charge) on their purchase by choosing to pay cash instead. It makes the customer happy and it makes them feel like you are on their side. 

Save yourself the hassle of dealing with unnecessary bank and credit card service fees and opt for the cash discount system in your store instead.