How The Online Gambling Industry Grew In India

Gambling has been a part of India since time immemorial. However, it is only recently that gambling has become more popular. This has led to the growth of online casinos in India in the last few years. In fact, offshore online casinos have become the favorite destinations for gamblers. 

New online casinos are cropping up every day. So, choosing the best real money casinos for Indian players can be a little overwhelming. The revenue from online casinos in India is projected to reach 250 billion rupees within 10 years. But what is really the reason behind this growth? Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the growth of online casinos in India. 

  1. Digital Advancement of India

According to Statista, there were over one billion wireless subscribers in India in the middle of 2021. Most of the traffic was from 4G. This is an indication of how much digital growth is taking place in the country. As people are gaining access to smartphones, 4G and 5G networks are also increasing. It is expected that by 2024, there will be more than one billion smartphones in the country. 

The digital advance gives Indian people an opportunity to access online casino websites. When someone is at home, they can access the casinos from their desktop or laptop but when they step out of home, they can access the them through their mobile device. 

  1. Convenient to Play

Another reason behind the growth of online casinos in India is that Indian gamblers will now be able to play casino games or bet on sports whenever they want. So, gamblers can just register into the online casino any time they want as casinos operate 24/7. It is a convenient way for people in India to gamble.

There is no need to go over to any location and wait for your turn to gamble. Online casinos are easy to access. You will just have to spend a few minutes to open the site and register. Hence, you can start to gamble immediately. 

  1. Wide Range of Games

When Indian gamblers look for ways to get entertained and have fun, they resort to online casinos as these sites provide long hours of entertainment. As an Indian gambler, you have several options when it comes to searching for the sites that you would like to gamble on and what casino games you would prefer playing. 

So, with time, Indian gamblers will have more and more options. New casinos with a new range of games are being introduced every day. So, there can be no doubt that the wide range of casino games led to the popularity of online gambling. This is how more casinos are setting foot in the market. 

  1. Easy to Fund 

Before you start gambling, you have to make a payment. When you play at a traditional casino, you will only be able to make payments through credit or debit cards or cash. There are no other payment methods available. 

This is not the case with online casinos. When it comes to a gambling site, you will be able to complete your transaction without any hassle as almost every site provides a wide range of payment options. The sites allow you to make payments through e-wallets, prepaid cards, and UPI. In fact, these days, casinos have also started accepting cryptocurrency to rope in more customers.

Also, the process of making payments in an online casino is fast and easy. Most of the time, casinos don’t charge you any additional fee for making payments. 

  1. Mobile Apps have Become Available

A majority of the online casinos allow you to access their site from their mobile app. Sure, not all sites offer that but there are many that do. The mobile apps work on iOS and Android devices. When it comes to iOS devices, you will find them on the App Store. However, since Google Play Store doesn’t list gambling apps, you can download APK files to access the mobile apps. 

As Indians are spending a large part of their time on their mobile devices, they can easily download the app of the sites to start playing. When they access the gambling apps, they will no longer have to stay back at home to play the games on their desktop. So, no matter where they are, they can wager on their favorite games. 

  1. Online Casinos are Constantly Evolving

It is evident that the online casino industry in India has evolved rapidly in the last few years. Also, it seems like the industry will keep growing in the next few years.

Operators are constantly working to improve the security of the sites. Moreover, casinos these days know that bonuses are profitable not just for the customers but also for the operators. This is the reason they provide bonuses with improved terms and conditions. They are also evolving in terms of games. 

Bottom Line

All these show that online gambling industry is growing in India, in terms of quantity and quality. With the improved security practices, players are now keener to try out casino games over the internet. As casino evolution continues providing improved experiences to players, more and more gamblers are registering on these platforms. These factors will continue playing a part in the growth of the online gambling industry in India in the future.