How to Be in Harmony with Your Workplace

Looking forward to going to work is in many regards very important. Work takes up a large chunk of our lives, and if we have to spend that being miserable, it is not much of a life to live. And being happy while you work also makes you more productive, which in turn can lead to promotions, an increase in pay and so on. 

Therefore, being in harmony with your workplace is an extremely important step to take in life, but it is not always an easy one. In this article we will go through a few methods you can use to feel more comfortable and at ease while being at work. 

Customize Your Office Space

The surroundings you find yourself in have a lot more of an impact than you would initially think. Surroundings can impact mood, attitude and your general state of mind. Therefore, it is a great idea to spice up your office space if that is possible. 

Buy one or a few potted plants. This gives your office space a need for attention and care to keep the plants alive. Buy small knickknacks related to your hobbies to put on shelves and desks, have a family photo next to your computer etc.

If your office feels more homely and related to you, it will be a place that invites you to relax and loosen tension, making working a lot more pleasurable. 

Be Cordial with Your Colleagues 

Just as your surroundings are important so are the people you will be spending the day around. At an office you will have many colleagues with which you will either have a lot of contact with and some less so. 

Now, we are all different and it is impossible to get on really well with everybody. Some personalities are just incompatible. But feuding with colleagues at the workplace is not just negative for you but everybody around you. 

Therefore, it should be a goal for you to remain cordial with everyone. Focus your positive energy on colleagues you get on well with and be respectful but indifferent to the ones you do not. 

Take the Initiative

Sometimes there will be aspects of your workplace that you can not change on your own. If the walls are a lifeless grey, you cannot just walk in and paint them yourself. 

Some changes just have to come from management, and it will be your responsibility to voice your own concerns to them. Taking the initiative is sometimes scary, but it can really be worth it. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. The worst that can happen is they say no.