How to Become a Product Reviewer on Amazon – Tips and Benefits

Being the largest online marketplace ever, Amazon has already become a kind of social opinion platform. With its help, the users can share their reviews on the products that may not be bought from Amazon directly. Still, their opinion will be valuable for those considering a particular item as an option.

What’s more, some users are highly engaged in writing Amazon reviews, working as free or paid Amazon reviewers. In this article, we will learn how to become a product tester for Amazon and join the Amazon review program. 

What Are the Benefits of Becoming an Amazon Reviewer?

How to become an Amazon reviewer, and what benefits can you get from Amazon product review jobs? Below are the most prominent ones.

  • Get free samples. One of the advantages of becoming an Amazon reviewer is the opportunity to get products to test for free. You can also be the first to try the new products and guide the audience through the choice options. 
  • Share your opinion. The possibility to openly share your opinion is another benefit of becoming an Amazon product tester. You will be able to find products that are the most desirable among the specific audience, buy them or get them for free, and come up with an authentic opinion the users are likely to listen to. 
  • Become a product expert. How to become a professional Amazon reviewer? The only way is to either get for free or buy Amazon items from a specific category, share your opinion and create trusted reviews. You should proceed with writing credible Amazon reviews day after day to get helpful votes and attract the attention of the sellers who would like to partner with an Amazon reviewer on mutually beneficial terms.  

Tips to Become an Amazon Reviewer

Here is how to become an Amazon reviewer step by step. 

  1. Decide on the Category

It is better to focus on one category you will review the product from. This will allow you to understand the product’s specifics better and compare the options in more detail, providing other users with valuable and nonobvious insights. 

  1. Fill in Your Amazon Profile

To become a credible Amazon reviewer, get started by filling in your profile in detail. It will signify to the sellers that you are a real person with a clear purchase history. 

  1. Join Amazon Review Websites

There are many Amazon review websites you can join and connect to the sellers with their help. To make the most use of these websites, make sure you are done with two previous points. 

  1. Promote Your Reviews on Social Media

Using Amazon to share your reviews isn’t enough to become a credible reviewer the sellers would like to hire and provide product samples. So make sure to promote your reviews on social media, create detailed posts about the products you are reviewing and showcase how they work and look in real life with the help of videos. 

  1. Join Amazon Prime

Subscribing to Amazon Prime is a kind of guarantee that you are serious about becoming an Amazon reviewer. It is also a guarantee for the sellers that you will promptly receive your samples and pay them back with a detailed and helpful review. 

How to Join Amazon Vine&Early Reviewer Program?

There are also two Amazon tester programs allowing you to connect with the Amazon sellers and get the samples to test. 

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program. So, there is no other way to join it than to become a credible Amazon reviewer step by step. To do it, you have to make a lot of product purchases, review the items honestly, get helpful votes and Verified purchase statuses for your reviews, plus ongoingly promote your opinions on social media. In this case, there is a likelihood that sellers will get in touch with you and invite you to join the program.

The Early Reviewer program allows getting and testing new products on Amazon. You can apply for it. To increase your chances of being approved for the program, you should also be a credible reviewer with a great history of verified purchases and helpful reviews. 


Working as an Amazon reviewer is an excellent opportunity to get many valuable items for free, test them and share your opinion with a broad audience of Amazon buyers. What’s more, there are a lot of sellers who consider their online reputation their main priority. As a rule, they use a dedicated Amazon review software and would like to hire an honest receiver to unlock the power of social proof

So get started step by step and follow the tips above to become an Amazon product tester and help sellers and buyers!