How to Create a Long Corporate Video

Corporate videos are short bursts of content. While creating an effective short business video is an art, a long-form video can be even more challenging. Your video must have a purpose to hold a viewer’s attention for ten minutes or longer. It must be creative and constantly provide reasons for viewers to stay tuned.

Here is how to create a long corporate video for your target viewers.

Watch Long Corporate Videos as a Start

Most of us consume short videos on social media, such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere. Start watching long corporate videos. Find examples that resonate with you. Many exist on YouTube, an excellent platform to find videos that inspire your own.

Hire a Corporate Video Team

A long corporate video is a major expense; attempting it alone is risky. It may be best to hire a corporate video production team who can help you deliver the vision you have in mind for your video. They already have the equipment, skills, and team to craft a professional video without you managing everything.

Goals for a Long Corporate Video

It’s easy to get lost when producing a corporate video with so much to focus on. Corporate video production is supposed to inspire, educate, and excite. Keep this in mind when scripting and storyboarding your video. For some videos, the objective may be all three or rotations of the three.

Find and Rent Video Equipment

You must find the video equipment you need if you don’t hire a corporate video service. You must either purchase it, rent it, or arrange to obtain it. Additionally, arrange to download the video editing software you’ll need to put it all together after capturing the footage.

Write Your Script

Plan your video by writing the script and creating a storyboard. This will be the backbone of your film shoot. While planning these, identify what narration and captions you want, if any. Include as much detail as you can.

Structure Your Videos into Sections

A corporate video, especially one of this kind, needs a structure. This structure should utilize sections such as an introduction, brand awareness, individual products, the benefits of a given product, a how-to explainer, and more. Keep these sections as tight as you can.

Vary Up What’s On Screen

Like with structure, vary your corporate video throughout its length with what the visual is. Create animation. Use narration. Consider blending in-stock videos. Carefully judge your video in the editing process to ensure it keeps viewers’ attention.

There Are No Definitive Rules

Your corporate video doesn’t need animation, narration, talking heads, or anything else. There are no rules regarding what to include in such a video. Part of your corporate video may be a catchy song and text over video clips, which may be enough to get your message across.

Why Animations Work

More corporate videos rely on animation to communicate messages. Animations are bold and colourful and convey information differently and more effectively than real people. You should only use animation for a short corporate video.

Write About Emotions and Not Specifics

Avoid specifics. Corporate videos should focus more on storytelling and emotion than technical specifications. Talk about your story or a product’s story. Make clear the tone and casting of your video to which your company speaks.

Don’t Vamp and Cut Out Boring Parts

If you need the content to justify a long video, make it short just for the sake of it. Cut dull, boring, or unnecessary content. At any time, you could lose the person watching your video. Make every second count.

Have Realistically-Delivered Dialogue

Someone awkwardly reading lines from a script won’t work in a long corporate video. Plan your video accordingly. Consider giving bullet points, hiring someone to deliver essential dialogue, or presenting dialogue as a narrative beneath a visual.

Let Real People Talk

Using real people—real customers, real employees—can help relate the dialogue to the viewer. The tone you strive for will determine this, but it’s always imperative to be authentic and genuine in any video.

Define a Literal Call-To-Action

The purpose or goal of your corporate video should relate to a call-to-action you put at the end of your video and thread throughout the content.

Define Its Final Presentation

You can present your entire video in its finished form as a single video, split it up into parts, release those parts all at once, or promote them as a series over weeks. You can also write blog posts about them on your website. How you present or market your corporate video is a long conversation with relevant parties.