How To Do Up Your Office Washrooms

There’s no shortage of swanky offices anymore — startups and established companies splurge on building amazing offices, which look to blend comfort, productivity and fun. And while it’s exciting to set up a new office, there’s often an aspect that’s ignored — setting up the restrooms.

A modern restroom is incomplete without a stylish and functional sink. This element becomes the center of the interior, under which a cabinet, mirror, and accessories are chosen. This is because we use the washbasin much more frequently than other plumbing components. It is required to have a convenient shape, easy maintenance, and durability.

There are lots of beautiful accessories available for bathrooms. These range from the best types of ceramics, natural as well as artificial stone. You can buy vessel sink that will meet all the requirements. The catalog contains a full range of models.

Built-in bowls for different types of installation

Sinks are frequently used in modern bathrooms. They are installed in the opening of the countertop, pedestal, or vanity, leaving a lot of usable space for storing things. This is very convenient because the sink does not have to be attached to the wall, cabinet doors conceal pipes, and shelves and drawers provide storage space for necessary items. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the material used to construct the cabinet; it must be moisture and steam-resistant, such as moisture-resistant MDF, chipboard, and wood impregnated with a moisture-resistant composition. Our catalog contains hundreds of undermount models of different shapes and sizes.

 There are two types of undermount sinks:

  • The first is positioned such that its edges extend a few centimeters above the countertop. This emphasizes the original form and increases the depth. In the same category, we include tanks that are superimposed on the vanity, leaving narrow or wide sides on top.
  • The second type is mounted under the vanity, forming a single plane. These tanks appeared much later than the previous ones but quickly became popular. The absence of sides increases the usable area of the vanity and greatly simplifies cleaning. Such models look great with massive stone countertops.

Before making your choice, you need to know which faucet you will combine the sink with. Washbasins that have a tap hole can be combined with a wall-mounted tap, which is installed in close proximity to the sink so that its spout falls into the wash area.

Vessel sinks — the most popular models

The model was the most well-liked among European designers. These bowls can be placed on any horizontal surface. Such a sink, like a mortise one, is installed on a countertop/vanity, but it is on them that the bowl remains above the “stand”, and the cutout is only required to drain communications. This simplifies the installation of the washbasin, and such models look modern and unique. Plus, if you choose a sink in this type of bathroom, you can save some space in the cabinet. And the risk of leaks at the bowl-to-countertop interface is lower here.

Our series is represented by rectangular and oval bowls of different sizes. When ordering overhead models, check the depth, because in the photo the bowls sometimes look deeper than they really are.

Whether you want square sinks or custom wall-hung washbasins, the first thing to keep in mind is to match the dimensions of the product and the bathroom. Do not buy plumbing in advance, wait for the finishing work to be completed. This will help to avoid unpleasant moments during installation when a size discrepancy of just a few millimeters is revealed.