How To Get the Maximum ROI with the Automated Oracle Cloud Testing

Most organizations are migrating to Oracle Cloud to make their business operations more robust and accelerated. The Oracle Cloud is a new and emerging technology that lowers down the operating costs. Some organizations face the issue of a slow return on investment in their Oracle Cloud. Apart from this, Oracle Cloud migration is quite a tedious process, and if it is not implemented properly, it can lead to application downtime. However, the automated Oracle Cloud testing tools are used for the Oracle Cloud migration.

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What Is Automated Oracle Cloud Testing?

When the end-to-end testing of Oracle Cloud applications is performed with the help of automated tools, then it is known as automated Oracle Cloud testing. Automated testing enables the team to execute the test cases quickly and continuously. The automated testing of Oracle Cloud helps achieve an improved return on investment (ROI).

How Does Testing Help Achieve the Improved ROI?

  • According to Oracle, many types of costs are also associated with implementing and maintaining the Oracle Cloud. To measure the ROI of the Oracle testing platform, you need to know about the net return/cost of the investment. In order to increase the ROI of Oracle Cloud investment, you need to cut down on testing costs.
  • The process of migration and implementation includes many complex steps. To quicken the process of testing, there is more requirement for IT budget and bandwidth. According to Oracle, more than 80 percent of migration projects go over the budget.
  • Manual testing cannot aid in scaling the business for the long term, and also, the companies have to hire more testers as the demand and need for testing grows. Due to this, the cost quickly balloons and disbalances the actual budget.

Achieve Maximum ROI Through Test Automation

Earlier Error Detection

When the defects are found in earlier development, they are cheaper to repair. When test automation is used, the test coverage can be expanded easily to uncover more defects before software production. As a result, the significant delays in the delivery of software can be minimized and help the company save money and time from costly fixes. 

Increased Scalability

Manual testing is not the appropriate option to increase the scalability of Oracle Cloud applications. With time, the Oracle Cloud cost rises in the direct correspondence to the workforce required to build and maintain the tests. However, automation testing helps accomplish better ROI in the long run. Once the creation of test cases is done, they can be used endlessly without extra cost.

Improved Productivity

The tendency of human interaction decreases when automated test cases are executed. The automated tests can repeatedly execute on their own. Due to this, the business users, software developers, and QA teams can spend more time on other important tasks. Moreover, these tests can run 24/7 because computers do not need sleep.

Increased Frequency Rate of Problem-Solving

In manual testing, there is the possibility of worst-case scenarios. For instance, there are a lot of modifications and updates taking place in the Oracle Cloud, and if those updates are handled with manual testing, then it could lead to problems like improper test coverage. However, the automated testing in the Oracle Cloud help covers the most critical processes with ease.

ROI is measured when the Net return on divided by the cost of investment. Automation testing increases the net return on investment by validating the team to take benefit of new features in the Oracle Cloud, thereby increasing the Return on investment.

How to Perform the Oracle Cloud Test Automation?

Though there are many Oracle Cloud testing tools available to carry out the Oracle test automation, there are still some practices that can enhance the process of Oracle Cloud test automation. 

Modularize the Architecture

Modularize the planning because it facilitates the easy and proper handling of the applications at different levels. Moreover, it supports the organization of structure and encapsulation of every subcomponent or service.

Choose the Appropriate Tools

There are many updates delivered by Oracle, so to carry out effective Oracle Cloud testing, the selection of the appropriate Oracle Cloud testing tools becomes very crucial. Aside from this, while selecting the tool, it is also important to remember the fundamental points, like whether it will support the Oracle Cloud infrastructure or not. Moreover, you can also go for the no-code test automation tool.

Build a Test Framework

Building a framework of all the important test cases helps the team know about the requirements and can easily prioritize the work depending upon the changes and modifications shortly. Moreover, the test framework helps check the previous steps based on the designed framework if any issue arises.

How Opkey Streamlines the Oracle Automation Testing?

Opkey is the logical choice for automating the Oracle Cloud Apps because of the below-given reasons:-

  • It comprises a pre-built library of test cases that are licensed to test many processes, and more defects can be detected before software production
  • It comprises interactive dashboards that provide users the option to track and monitor every phase of the test
  • It assimilates end-to-end testing to ensure the business process works from beginning to end
  • It is a no-code platform that enables both technical and non-technical users to contribute to the process of automation testing