How WhatsApp Evolved Itself In 2021 By Introducing New Features?

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app with billions of users, has recently been introducing plenty of features. Last year, it introduced features like disappearing messages, advanced search mode, dark mode and many other features. Continuing the trend, WhatsApp rolled out plenty of additional features in 20021. Here is the list of features that WhatsApp introduced in 2021. 

1. It is possible to make calls on PC

Previously, the WhatsApp call feature was available only on smartphones but now this feature has been extended to computers. It is now possible to make WhatsApp voice and video calls directly from a computer or laptop. With the WhatsApp app installed on computers and laptops, it is now possible to make calls without having a smartphone on hand. 

2. WhatsApp View Once feature

Taking care of the privacy of the users, WhatsApp has introduced the “View Once” feature which is an exceptionally handy feature, especially if you are sending any WhatsApp DP to a special person. The View Once feature deletes both the photos and videos from the chat window after it has been viewed once while taking care of the privacy. 

3. Make financial transactions

Even though the WhatsApp Payments feature was introduced last year, it is ultimately available for both iOS and Android users in 2021 for wide usage this year. Using the Unified Payment Interface system, it is now possible to send and receive money using WhatsApp. 

4. Chats can be now transferred from iOS to Android 

The chat history of iOS was previously stored in iCloud which makes it difficult for the users to transfer the chat history from iOS to Android. The chat history of Android, on the other hand, is saved on Google Drive. Until and unless, the devices are working on the same platform, it was almost impossible to transfer the chat from iOS to Android but now with the newly added feature, it is possible to migrate the entire chat history from iOS to Android smartphones. 

5. Multi-device feature 

The earlier version of WhatsApp required both the primary devices and secondary devices to be connected in order to use WhatsApp on a laptop or computer. However, with the multi-device feature, it is possible to use WhatsApp on a computer without even staying online on a smartphone including updating Love Status as WhatsApp status. However, the users need to be extra careful now while using WhatsApp on a computer to protect their privacy as WhatsApp can now operate in a stand-alone way without the need of staying connected with the smartphone. 

6. Before sharing, videos can be muted 

If a certain video that needs to be shared on WhatsApp has really bad background noise, this feature can prove to be extremely helpful. This newly introduced feature allows the users to mute videos before it is being shared on WhatsApp. 

7. WhatsApp group calls can be joined anytime

The previous version of WhatsApp required the users to join the group calls as soon as it was made but now the new feature of WhatsApp makes it possible for the users to join video calls even during the middle of the video group call. The joinable calls reduce the burden of answering any video call as soon as it starts and it helps the users to keep on taking in a video call without breaking the spontaneity. 

What Other Features WhatsApp Will Be Introducing?

According to many sources, WhatsApp will soon be releasing plenty of additional features. These features include a time limit for deleting messages, playback control for audio messages, privacy setting for last seen and profile photo, photo editor and sticker maker for mobile app. The newly added features of WhatsApp will improve both the usability and privacy of the users. 

For instance, the time limit for deleting messages will perhaps be extended and WhatsApp is still experimenting with it. The playback controls for audio messages will give the users the power to control and adjust the playback speed of the voice notes. This feature will only allow the users to increase the playback speed and not reduce it. Even though the users can still control the last seen and privacy of the profile photo, in the future, the users will be able to hide their last seen, status and profile photo from specific contacts. Further, the in-app photo editor will allow the users to add text, filters and stickers to the image to edit it.