Improving the Office: 6 Things to Outsource Instead of Hire

Traditional companies and modern startups are so different. A traditional company will hire a person for every position and expect them to do their job flawlessly. At the same time, modern businesses understand that success and growth can’t be forced and look for alternative ways for maximum productivity.

Modern companies will outsource many working positions because there’s simply no need for these people to be part of the company. It is more affordable, flexible, and provides a much better result than an employee would contribute to the organization.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of positions and jobs that a company needs to outsource instead of hiring someone to do them within the office. Outsourcing is the perfect solution for these, and if you want to know what they are, keep reading and learn more.

1. Customer support

Suppose you have an employee that works in customer support. This person may spend the entire day in the office not receiving one call. You’re paying this person for doing nothing in your company literally. However, you can’t let the business be without customer support if some of the clients need information about your products or services.

Outsourcing the issue will transfer the obligation to a company that represents multiple companies and will have skilled employees taking care of your brand. They will go through a course to learn about your business, providing the best information to your customers. They don’t work inside the office, though.

2. Marketing sector

Marketing is a complex procedure and requires true professionals. Most modern companies will hire professional marketing agencies to represent them, if not all. They’ll dedicate a budget for this need and let the marketing agencies handle everything for them.

The only thing you and your employees will need to provide is information, plans, and possibly digital materials. The rest is done by the marketers who will develop strategies, campaigns, and ads, bringing tons of new clients and revenue streams.

3. IT solutions

Instead of paying more than $100,000 per year for one IT employee, you can ask for small business IT support services and pay way less for a more professional approach to your needs. You can tailor your package together with this company and let them take care of all IT issues within the office.

IT issues are extremely important these days, and no business can survive without someone skilled in taking care of computers, both the hardware and the software. Networks, internet solutions, cyber protection – these are all things that the IT agency needs to monitor 24/7 for you.

4. Storage services

Startups usually have no problem storing documents because they only have a few of them. After a year or so of running a successful business, the room where you store the documents will become small, and after two years, you’ll need to tear down walls.

Don’t do that. Instead, ask for dedicated storage services that will take care of everything you have in designated storage facilities protected to the fullest. You can also digitize everything and shred paper that is not needed.

5. Bookkeeping and economy

Some professional bookkeepers will spend less than a few minutes per day on your business, but you can’t survive without their help. An economist is essential for taking care of the numbers, tax, income, outcome, and everything with numbers.

This is a job for a true professional, and accountants charge tremendous amounts, so it’s best to outsource the issue to a company that will charge reasonably, and you’ll still be covered.

6. Sales department

A salesman is a profession just like any other. A salesman is a person who’s educated and skilled in selling but also has a gift for it. Not everyone can do it, and chances are you’re not really a salesman even though you have a highly successful company running.

Outsourcing the issue to professionals who know everything about your business and offering your products and services to clients, is more than a wise move. Let those people who really understand what they are doing find new clients. They will advertise and represent your products or services the best way possible, and they are doing it from another office, not yours. Perfect.


These several points explain why you should outsource some of the work positions you need in the company. You don’t have to be an old-fashioned business with hundreds of employees doing almost nothing in the office and just making a mess.

Be smart and update the working environment. It will be good for the business and those who will continue working for you. The company will make more revenue, and your expenses will be lower. Outsourcing is one of those things that revolutionized business, and everyone should use it if it works for their companies.