Phoolwaalas to Cakewaalas: Delhi’s Ferns N Petals is Ready for the Next Bloom

Ferns N Petals, founded 30 years ago, has had the honour of being the country’s largest flower seller. And the brand is focused on making a name as the finest cake maker with FNPCakes. Walk through their journey from phoolwaalas to cakewaalas in this post.

Journey from Being a Single Store to a Worldwide Florist

Once upon a time, a guy came to Delhi to meet his girlfriend. He wanted to surprise her but to his disappointment, couldn’t find even a simple bouquet. He didn’t want anyone else to go through a similar conundrum. And that was when he decided to open a florist shop in Delhi’s South Extension. The guy is none other than Mr Vikaas Gutgutia who, despite facing continuous financial losses, rose to catch everyone’s fancy in gifting flowers, anytime, anywhere. 

Flowers are never wrong for any occasion. It’s about gifting cheerfulness. While we have given some connotation to flowers with reference to their colours, largely, flowers are just pure joy, they cheer you up. I realised that we do have a lot of flowers in our culture, but the only florists we had at that time was the road-corner guy selling from a stand and there was space for selling good ornamental flowers. It was a crazy idea at that time, but we did it. Today we source flowers from all over the world and sell them all over the world as well,” quotes Gutgutia. 

Today, FNP has over 400 outlets in over 150 cities across the country and is home to 10,000 orders in a day, of which 1,200 orders per day are serviced between UAE and Singapore.

The Gradual Shift from Flowers to Cakes

FNP has now become a household name when shopping for gifts for almost every occasion and celebration. The company has been a part of every celebratory event since 1994 and has provided surefire ways to make each occasion worth remembering. From birthdays to anniversaries and from weddings to baby showers, the company touches lives on every occasion. In fact, you can see the presence of this brand at every phase of a person’s life, right from their birth to their Last Journey

FNP works on the belief that at the onset of any occasion, there is always a giftee on the other end waiting for a cake or simply, a bouquet. And people today celebrate everything (even buying a new laptop) with cake or pastry. And that is the prime reason that the company has expanded its territory by providing a range of cakes that become a highlight of every occasion. 

A New Vertical Came into Existence – FNPCakes

An occasion is made an affair of sheer merriment and enthusiasm when coupled with sweet treats, especially cakes. After all, seeing the glimmer of candles on a cake and being surrounded by cheers & applause from your loved ones is a feeling of utmost delight. “Cakes become the high point of any celebration. People gather around the cake, clap, click pictures and share on social media. Cakes are fast replacing the custom of sweet distribution as well.” says Anil Sharma, COO of Retail and Franchising Ferns N Petals (FNP). At present, FNPCakes bakes over 3,000 cakes every day. Moreover, since there are over 160 cake shops in India, you can get the cake of your choice within the stipulated time.

The twenty-something of today celebrates everything – even breakups. They recognise small moments in life and validate them and often these are done over cakes. Flowers in India, recently,  are usually popular during Valentine’s Day or maybe during the wedding season but the flowers still are looked at as a luxury. Unlike the West, the Indian middle class finds spending on something expensive, but perishable a waste. But cakes are something people love to buy and eat. We are thus, slowly going to be doing more and more cakes in our new avatar as Ferns N Petals is now rebranded as FNP”, adds Anil Sharma. Currently, FNP Cakes has over 160 cake shops in India and envisions becoming one of the largest confectionary brands in India in the next 3 years.

Make Celebrations Sweet with FNP Cakes

FNP has the largest network of over 160 cake shops across India which allows you to experience the brand physically. They offer prompt and smooth online cake delivery services so that you can delight your dear ones right in the wee hours as well as at the dawn of the day. You can choose from same-day, midnight and even 2 hours delivery. Do note that the brand has centralised kitchens to provide fresh cakes. You will find the best taste and quality that is delivered in temperature-controlled boxes to retain freshness and shape. 

Reaching New Heights

FNP has a prominent presence globally in the Middle East and South East Markets and is expanding at the speed of light. They give the entire credit to the relentless trust their customers put in them.