Solutions for Your Biggest Business Travel Problems

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Most of your business trips have gone smoothly, but on occasion, there has been an obstacle that has turned the entire travel experience upside down. You missed your flight because of a crowded airport. Your smartphone broke or ran out of batteries. You had terrible jet lag that made you flub a big presentation.

Next time, you can handle these business travel problems.

Crowded Airports

Every time an airport is too crowded, you run the risk of missing your flight, especially if you don’t arrive at the airport several hours before your plane’s departure. To make getting through a crowded airport a little easier, you should apply for TSA PreCheck. With TSA PreCheck, you’ll be able to go through an expedited security lane. This should move you along quickly so that you get to your gate on time.

Battery Drain

The last thing that you need during your business trip is your laptop running out of batteries while you’re in the middle of work. Of course, you should always make sure to pack your charger with you, but sometimes you will be in locations without any available outlets that you can use to keep your laptop running. 

Just in case you get into this tricky situation, you should pack a portable power bank. A portable power bank will help you charge up your tech to full power, even when you’re nowhere close to a wall outlet. You can use it on your smartphone, tablet, laptop and other essential tech while traveling. 

Tech Emergencies

A tech emergency is unpleasant to deal with when you’re working at the corporate office or when you’re sitting at your desk at home. It’s even worse when you’re in the middle of a work trip in an unfamiliar city. An emergency like a lost smartphone or a broken laptop could send you into a complete panic. 

So, what will help you handle a tech emergency then? An emergency fund. An emergency fund is a reserve of savings meant for unplanned, urgent expenses that your budget otherwise can’t handle. You can make a withdrawal from your emergency fund to cover these last-minute tech repairs or replacements while you’re away from home.

What if you don’t have enough savings? Then, you might have to consider borrowing funds in order to pay for urgent repairs or replacements. If you don’t have one already, you could apply for a personal line of credit. You should read about the pros and cons of personal lines of credit before you submit an application. This should help you make an informed decision.

With an approved personal line of credit, you could request a withdrawal that allows you to cover these emergency expenses in a short amount of time. And afterward, you could replenish what you borrowed by following a loan repayment plan. 

Jet Lag

Jet lag from long trips can really affect your performance in business meetings. There are a few solutions that you can try to help you recover from jet lag faster:

  • Stay hydrated during your flight. 
  • Avoid salty foods, coffee and alcohol. 
  • Get sleep on long flights. Bring accessories like a sleep mask, neck pillow, earplugs or headphones if necessary.
  • Adapt to the destination’s time zone. There’s an app for adjusting to a time zone that can help you do this.

Sure, you’ll still encounter these obstacles during your business travels. But with these solutions, you should be able to handle them without breaking a sweat.