The Stamp of Approval: Why You Need Check Stamps for Your Office

Any busy office probably has a steady stream of paperwork going on and in, landing on different desks, and generally needing to get signed and ready to be sent off as soon as possible. Since you would want your office to be as efficient as possible, you probably have a useful and versatile type of office supply on every desk: check stamps.

Check stamps for offices are a quick and easy way to repeatedly place information on different paperwork without having to go through the trouble and effort of having to write the same information over and over again. It’s also a way to ensure that the information stamped remains constant in terms of content, format, and font. This ensures that all the documents contain the same information and have a professional, tidy appearance.


Types of Stamps

There are generally four types of stamps that you can choose from, depending on the form and function that you need. They are as follows:


Self-Inking Stamps

As the name suggests, self-inking stamps come pre-loaded with ink that can be found in a small compartment inside the stamp body. It saves you time when stamping because you don’t need to keep on making contact between the stamp and the ink pad whenever you want to place a stamp. Once the ink runs out, you can usually just refill the ink or buy a new self-inking stamp.

Self-inking stamps are generally a bit more expensive than other types of stamps.


Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps are stamps that are designed with the stamp and the stamp pad together. Each time you want to use the stamp, you need to make contact between the ink pad and the rubber surface of the stamp. Just like with self-inking stamps, you can refill the ink pad once the ink runs out. However, make sure that you use the correct type of ink to refill pre-inked stamps, since using the wrong type of ink can dry out the ink pad and make it brittle, rendering the pre-inked stamp useless.


Rubber Stamps

This is the traditional and cheapest type of stamp. You will need to use a separate ink pad to use rubber stamps.

Customized Stamps

Generally, check stamps for offices are customized to the needs and specifications of a certain office. It can contain vital information about the office depending on who uses the stamp. For example, if the stamp is being used by a secretary to receive paperwork, it could be customized with the word “RECEIVED”, along with signature lines where both the secretary (receiver) and the courier can place their signatures. On the other hand, if a check stamp is being used by a business owner to certify documents, the stamp could contain their name, their position in the company, and the company name, along with the aforementioned signature line. If the office is one that experiences high traffic, these customized stamps are usually pre-inked or self-inking, which saves time and eliminates the need for a separate ink pad. After all, no busy business owner wants to have to rummage through their desk drawer looking for an ink pad when there is a client waiting for them!

Many businesses also have another type of stamp that’s commonly found in offices: date stamps. This is to ensure that date keeping is correct and consistent, no matter how much paperwork goes through.


Choosing the Right Kind of Stamp

Choosing the right check stamp for offices generally boils down to how much time you want to save, how much information you need regularly placed on documents, and how much you value convenience and speed. 

Putting together stamps with ink pads as in the cases of pre-inked or self-inking stamps saves much more time compared to having traditional rubber stamps and separate ink pads. 

When it comes to how much information you need to place on a stamp, you can choose from a variety of different stamp sizes, such as small (with up to three lines of deposit information), medium (up to five lines of deposit information), and large (up to eight lines of deposit information). 

Finally, the final factor that will dictate how much you are willing to spend on office stamps. Customized self-inking and pre-inked stamps will obviously cost more compared to traditional rubber stamps, especially if you are going to put a lot of information or even images such as company logos on the stamp. However, if you consider how much time and effort it will save you and your company in the long run, you can consider it a solid investment for your office.