The Tech Behind The Rise of Online Gambling

While online gambling has been around pretty much since the inception of the Internet, it has really taken off over the past few years and its popularity has increased immeasurably. What are the main reasons for this sudden uptick in demand? Well, in truth, they are various, but over the following post, we’ll look more closely at some of the common themes that run throughout the rise of online gambling.

Faster Internet and Online Casinos

When the Internet first started becoming ‘a thing’, casino games tended to require big downloads in order to use them properly. At the time, Internet speeds were very slow, and any other method would prove to not work very well. However, when Internet speed reached the point of no longer exclusively requiring downloads, both the quality and availability of online casino games expanded rapidly. With so many online casino games out there these days, customers can find themselves with the inverse problem of trying to find a trustworthy and effective site. Online casinos have also become much more competitive in many ways, trying to lure in new customers with promises of great offers and bonuses.


Sports Betting and App Development

While online casinos comprise one part of the rise of online gambling, they are really only half the story. The development of the smartphone has fueled the widespread availability of apps, which make placing a sports bet easier than ever. Increasingly, consumers have moved away from real-life venues and transferred their business to apps and websites. With highly funded advertising campaigns, these apps have also been able to bring in a host of new customers and consumers who wouldn’t otherwise have thought of gaming.

Live Betting

A big revolutionary factor in online gambling is the advent of live betting, which means that you can follow matches live as they progress and put your money down based on how the game is going in real-time. What was once a logistical challenge has been simplified to the point that customers can put on a bet in the middle of a game, or often even cash out a bet before the game has concluded.

Online gambling has seen a rapid rise over the past years, a rise that is unlikely to slow down at any point in the immediate future. New developments are occurring all the time including a shift towards virtual reality, which once would have been seen as something out of a sci-fi movie but is quickly becoming very real. Of course, these developments come with more than their fair share of critics who believe that it is not right that gambling can be engaged in with so few restrictions, and that it is too heavily promoted in advertising campaigns. At the same time, it is a fun and safe activity for those who are able to control their gambling and only lose what they can afford to. Ultimately, online gambling looks like it is here to stay, and for now, will only continue to grow.