The Best WooCommerce SEO Tips To Boost Rankings

WooCommerse SEO plays a vital role to improve your e-commerce site ranking on various search engines. When a correct plugin is used to optimize the website, it runs very smoothly, data and pictures loads with high speed, no lag is seen on the pages and the user feels secure while browsing. The more optimize the site is, the higher the ranking in search engines and hence more customers visit it. Thus, fetching more profit for your business and affecting the lives of all people involved.

Once a WooCommerce site is developed it needs to be perfect before the customers see it. It should have any lags, image loading problems, security issues or broken links. A good WooCommerce SEO plugin should be used to optimize each and every aspect for the best SEO ranking. Some of the important tips that help to boost ranking to great extent are:

  1. Focusing on the keyword and using it vastly in your web pages across all the pages always help to boost the site ranking. Abruptly using the keyword is not at all suggested, but it should be logically fit wherever it is added to. A good WooCommerce SEO should be used which will suggest appropriately on the usage of keywords across the site.
  2. All the images should be optimized. It means that the size of the high-quality pictures used should be reduced without affecting the resolution of the picture. Also, one should consider that what size of the image will be on the page. If the size to be used is very small, then its no point using a high-resolution image for this. Also, e-commerce sites have thousands of images, thus one should smartly add the images knowing its purpose and size and position where it is to be added. Also, the image file name and alt text should be written carefully and it’s a good practice to add keywords in them as well.
  3.  Try to use rich snippets that will enhance the WooCommerce SEO ranking to great extent. This will pull more traffic towards your site and hence improve the site ranking. Good snippets will add additional HTML tags and schema mark up to the pages that will provide more information about the WooCommerce store on the search results.
  4. A good hosting is very essential for the smooth running of the WooCommerce website. If you sell few products, then the shared host will do the play. But if you are a platform with a vast number of items, then it is suggested to rely on a WooCommerce host. This will also be helpful if you want to expand your store in future. Also, it will be completely optimized for WooCommerce.
  5. WooCommerce the store should be mobile-friendly, as most of the customers prefer to use the mobile phone most of the time than tablet/desktops/laptops. The WooCommerce SEO should optimize the site pretty well so that it appears well enough on the handheld device. To effectively present the WooCommerce site on mobile, one has to pass the Google mobile-friendliness test. The performance and user experience on mobile devices influence the overall site ranking as well.
  6. Site structure should be properly optimized so that it is easier to look into the site and improve user experience. Clumsy sites are hard to track over and becomes hard when user browse from one page to another. Each page of the site should be easily reachable by not more than 3-4 clicks. Regularly check should be done for any broken links. This can be achieved using a good WooCommerce SEO plugin that can trace any broken link and notify the developer to fix it. 
  7. If there are a lot of products that are being sold, then it’s a good practice to link them to categories so that they can be viewed easily. Also adding keywords to each item will be helpful in the SEO rankings.
  8. Headers as well as descriptions should be well structured. The description should have eye-catching words like discounts, offers, fast delivery and secure payment options. Avoid writing useless content to fill up the pages and font that are difficult to read. Use keywords well enough to get a good rank on search results.
  9. Enabling breadcrumb will be of great help for the end-users to track back along the path they used to reach a specific product. The path can appear at the top of product pages or on the sidebar(preferably on the left side of the page) which will be helpful for the users to go to the previous category easily. This detail shows the customers where they are and how they reached here. This also enhances and simplifies the site navigation.
  10. The theme used for designing the WooCommerce website should be search engine optimized for both handheld device and desktops. Al good lightweight theme is recommended as it won’t add an extra load to the site. With so many added images and videos for different items, a lightweight theme is always suggested so that there is no lag when browsing even in low-speed regions. This way, it will be able to make your products available to a vast number of customers across the globe.
  11. A good WooCommerce SEO plugin should be used by the developer based on the business requirement. There are many free versions available in the market, but they may not have all the features to fulfil the requirement. Premium versions can be helpful which will be able to add rich snippet, optimize the images, add breadcrumbs, provide more focus on keyword usage per page etc. Using a premium version is highly recommended to make the website as optimized as possible to get a good rank on search engines. WordPress can be used to create web pages and its plugins can enhance the content to a good extent. But after it, WooCommerce SEO will help to boost the site considering the site is developed for e-commerce platform
  12. Once the WooCommerce site is live, it should be promoted effectively. Creating a page on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and posting the details of the site and items being sold and offers available will be a great way to promote your site. The more followers are and the more they like, comment and share the posts, the faster the site will be known to the public and hence more the visitors will be there.

Apart from these tips to improve WooCommerce SEO ranking, one should always use a simple URL without any special characters which are highly suggested. URL should be self-descriptive and easy to understand what products are being looked into. The content on all the pages should be unique. If any data or description appears to be duplicate, it will be boring for the users reading it. Users may decide not to visit the site also. This may affect the site ranking in search engines. Customers get bored seeing the same content on multiple pages and hence nothing should be repeated in your store. If these tips are followed, the rank will surely boost to great heights across all the search engines.