The Cultural Change That Is Revolutionising The World Of Work

people sitting in front of computer monitors

After two years of crisis, the world of work is slowly trying to raise its head again, emerging from an abyss that, in the worst of times, appeared unfathomable and with no way out. Over the last two years, external circumstances have marked a decisive acceleration in the evolution of the world of work in general, in the ways of conceiving the places and tools of work, and in particular in the design of the new spaces in which the people of the present – but above all of the future – will have to spend a significant part of their days, namely offices. 

Before 2020, only a small number of countries had begun to talk about smart working, agile working and all the new innovative ways of organising their working days, taking advantage of the technological support of applications and software that allowed all workers, regardless of their physical location, to organise and complete their work even without going to the office, with the opportunity to discuss and talk with their colleagues even from a distance, separated only by a light screen. 

The benefits of agile working 

After two extremely complex years, in which most people continued to do their work from home, the time has finally come to return to the office, settling back down at their desks and preparing for long hours in front of their computer screens. The offices of the present will therefore have to meet the new needs of workers, especially those who have spent the long months of lockdown in the comfort and convenience of their own homes, by proposing design solutions that combine the product’s functionality with its ability to trigger physiological well-being, thus transferring some of the pleasure of home into the working environment. The Covid-19, from this point of view, has greatly accelerated the trend towards resimercial projects, i.e. those hybrid environments that combine the characteristics of office environments with those traditionally associated with residential, private homes, thus revolutionising the look and function of most modern offices.  

An all-encompassing change 

But the change does not only involve technology or the design of offices and spaces: the most obvious upheavals have manifested themselves in the minds of managers, of executives, who in a totally unexpected (and sometimes disturbing) manner have made an impressive leap forward, easily overcoming all the limitations, conditioning and mental superstructures that prevented them from conceiving of a way of working that was different from the one they knew and had been used to for years, without ever even imagining that one day office work could be organised differently, more streamlined and productive, and above all in step with the times. The very idea that people could complete their assignments from home, in a personalised workstation away from the company’s physical space, was looked upon with suspicion, even disapproval, especially by those office managers who for twenty or thirty years had been accustomed to a single way of organising their employees’ working days. Now, these managers have realised that agile working can have a direct impact on the productivity and well-being of their employees, with indisputable benefits for the entire company and even its sales performance.

Solutions aimed at enhancing people’s individual well-being, whether through design or remote working, can certainly propel any company into a new phase of development, leading it by the hand towards the achievement of new, exciting successes. Companies and brands that have managed to survive all the difficulties of Covid are, in a way, required to dare, to experiment with all the new ways of conceiving work, thus bringing innovation and digitisation into every aspect of corporate life. If you want to play it safe, you will have to devote yourself body and soul to the technological and organisational progress of your company, without fearing the effects of change. 

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Even if we spend less time in the office than we did a few years ago, the moments spent in the physical spaces of our company will increasingly be characterised by pleasant sensations, by an increase in our individual well-being, as if someone had suddenly pressed the play button to play our favourite tune, turning it into a pleasant and persistent background music.