The Most Common Types of Personal Injury Claim

According to statistics, the rate of fatally injured people in the United Kingdom is rising every year. If this fact isn’t shocking in itself, wait until you discover that medical mistakes and accidents are among the UK’s top three death causes. You can imagine how fatal the impact of injuries is, with the death rates increasing with each passing year. Accidental injuries can happen anytime and anywhere. That said, it is important to be aware of one’s basic right to file for personal injury claims if this ever happens to you. However, it is important to note that the validity of a personal injury claim depends on the injury’s nature and the circumstances. Read on to learn more about the most common types of personal injury claims.

1)     Car Accidents

Car accidents keep occurring worldwide, whereas, in the United Kingdom alone, millions of people sustain car accident injuries every year. Most of the affected individuals seek lawyers and legal experts’ assistance for filing a personal injury claim. For instance, the Jones Whyte Law ensures that their affected clients are duly compensated for the injuries they have to endure due to car accidents. Sometimes, in car accidents, it can become difficult to prove whose fault it was. Therefore, having a legal representative is crucial for the victim to ensure that a settlement can be reached legally.

2)     Slip & Fall Accidents

These kinds of accidents are common at construction sites and other areas where heavy objects’ loading and transportation are involved. In the case of a fall and slip accident, the affected person can get severely injured. They might break their neck, legs, arms, and other body parts. Falling from a height also leads to body fractures and brain injuries. If such an injury happens at a workplace, the victims can be forced to stay home for an extended period. Sometimes, the resulting injuries are so severe that it changes the lives of the victims forever. These cases make the filing of personal injury claims mandatory.

3)     Physical Assault

Street crimes and incidents of physical assaults are increasing with each passing day. Society is getting more violent and restless. Sometimes, street fights break out, and innocent people fall victims without knowing how they became a part of it. Gun-shots, knife-stabs, and other personal injuries are tragically becoming an essential part of domestic abuse. It is important to note that typically such kinds of assaults are done intentionally instead of by negligence. There have been cases where a reported personal injury claim for physical assaults resulted in more criminal evidence against the assailant.

4)     Medical Negligence

Medical negligence or malpractices, especially by nurses and other medical professionals, play a crucial role in inuring patients. The majority of the personal injury claims linked to medical malpractice occur when doctors and nurses fail to administer proficient health care service to their patients. Despite that the injuries are made unintentional, the affected people might pay for their lives. The most common causes of medical negligence include misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and birth injuries.