Things Startups Need To Be Aware Of In India’s Current Economic Climate

India has become famous for being one of the best countries for startups. Not only does it have a booming economy, but thanks to government and foreign investment, business is taking off at a rate we haven’t seen before. 

As a startup, some things need to be considered and remembered. While a strong economy is nothing to worry about, startups could face challenges they may not expect or get in other countries. 

Economic Boom

Thanks to a ton of governmental and foreign investment, a boom in forex trading, and the explosive growth of the tech sector, India’s economy has become one of the best and strongest in the world. 

This has allowed the startup sector of the country to grow as well. As of 2020, there were 50,000 startups in India, mainly in the tech industry. 

Stable Growth

The one concern many people have after an economic boom is a sudden downturn. India hasn’t experienced this, as the economy has not only managed to grow but has been consistent over the past few years. 

The Rupee has also become an incredibly strong currency, meaning startups are thriving and making serious money in the process. 


One thing startups need to realize is that the competition in India, especially with how strong the economy is, is incredible. Startups are popping up daily, and many are on the cutting edge of the next big thing. 

Because of this, it is important to have a solid and unique idea and the funding to get your business up and running as quickly as possible. 


Speaking of ideas, India is home to some of the best and brightest minds in the fields of tech, pharmaceuticals, and many other world-changing areas. Because of this, having an idea that has already been done or an idea that is in a saturated market just won’t be good enough.  

Foreign Investment

India’s strong economy is partly due to a ton of foreign investment. These investments have been used to pump up the manufacturing sector of the country, as well as improve the technological capabilities of startups and businesses. 

Because of this strong foreign interest, startups can grow much faster than before, especially if they are the target of foreign investment, which has now become quite common. 

Consumerist Market

India is one of the biggest consumer markets on the planet. While this is no surprise considering the population size, it does mean there is always an opportunity for startups to make their mark on the market. 

India also has a strong and healthy middle class with spare money to spend, and the country is also the largest consumer market for manufactured goods. 

What to Remember as a Startup in India

There are several key tips that startups need to remember when they are trying to get the wheels going; here are a few of the most important. 

Competition is a Good Thing

As mentioned before, India has a lot of competition in every sector. While this may make getting your foot in the door difficult, it is an important aspect of what you are doing. The one mistake you can make is thinking there is no competition at all. 

If you are creating a product or service, go to exhaustive measures to find anyone doing the same thing. If no one is creating or attempting to create what you are doing, there may be a reason for this. 

Spend Money Wisely

It can be far too tempting to start throwing money at projects to get your startup going. However, this is a mistake as you want to spend your money where you need it, not where you think it should be. 

While there is no one right way to spend the money you have, focus on improving your product, manufacturing capabilities, infrastructure, etc. Money spent on improving your business is not money wasted. 

Focus on the Consumer

The Indian consumer market is one of the best and strongest in the world; therefore, it is important to leverage this to ensure you have the best possible start and build your way to success. 

Focus on the needs of your consumers and what they want from your product or service. The Indian market has been shown to be one that will react strongly to products and services that help them and their needs. 

Intellectual Property Trademarks

Intellectual property trademarking and copywriting are taken very seriously in India, and considering the amount of competition in the country, it is essential. Ensure you have your trademarks in order as soon as possible, and ensure you include a company secrets addendum to your employees’ contracts.