Understanding Curtain Walling For Offices

You might have heard of curtain walling before, especially in the context of adding curtain wall systems to larger buildings. However, like a lot of building upgrades, the actual benefits of this process are not always obvious or even easy to research at first.

Whether you have been told to consider it or are just curious about what it means, it is important to understand what curtain walling actually is and the benefits it can offer to any premises.

What is Curtain Walling?

The main difference between traditional and curtain walling is that the curtain wall system is a separate, non-supportive cladding system that sits on the exterior of a building. In other words, the curtain wall system is attached and not built into the frame of the building itself, and is instead mounted on the outside of the existing building wall.

The idea behind this system is to protect the building itself since the outer surface is now a non-structural set of panels or wall pieces that do not carry any structural load. This means that they will not cause much of a problem if they suffer any damage, leaving the actual structure of the building safe from harm in the short term.

Another benefit of this system is that it is an easy, quick, and low-cost solution to making older, historic buildings look good. Rather than replacing large sections of a building’s wall or window design when they are part of the actual structure, curtain walling can provide some aesthetic benefits with what is essentially an outer layer.

Is Curtain Walling A Good Technique?

Curtain walling has some major advantages over traditional wall and window structures. The lack of reliance on being structural means that they can often offer better aesthetics, such as greater use of glass, since there is not as much need to make them excessively strong.

While adding curtain walling to an existing building can be tricky if it already has a fully built structure of its own, it is not impossible, and it can often be a useful protective layer for older buildings that are not fully up to modern standards. Like any construction technique, curtain walling is useful in some situations and not in others, but this is far from a bad thing.

Curtain walling is often a safer and more flexible option than many other similar options since it frees up the outer walls for more creative designs while also offering extra protection. This is great news if you have been having trouble finding ways to upgrade your building’s exterior or if you are working on an older building that might need some additional help to survive the modern age.

Who Can Install Curtain Walling?

Curtain walling is far too difficult to do DIY, meaning that you will want to turn to professional curtain walling installers. An experienced team can make the installation process quick and easy and remove a lot of the hassle that would come with trying to arrange the entire process yourself.

Getting curtain walling installed can be quite a complex process, but working with the right team makes it a lot easier. If it is something that you are looking for, a good set of professionals can get the job done right.