Why Game Design Document Is An Important Part Of The Game Development Process

GDD is viewed as an annoyance by many developers. Having the materials ready is critical whether you work alone or in a group. On the Game Design Document, fill in the spaces (GDD). Have you worked on a game development team before? If that’s the case, we’ll have to talk about whether GDD should be employed or not. You could be asking yourself the same thing right now. When you truly need it, especially as a one-person developer?

Yes, you’re right. Individual projects can benefit from GDD’s knowledge as well. GDD is a must-have tool. A good GDD is more than simply a game manual, and it doesn’t have to be 1000 pages lengthy in order to be useful. Discover how to write a game design document.

Make your idea a reality.

As the game continues, new ideas are welcomed at the most unexpected times and places. You could receive an idea while riding the subway, playing a different game, or even working in a different field.

It’s vital to keep track of any ideas you have, regardless of where they came from. It’s just a few seconds after it happened since our brains don’t recall information well and forget the majority of our lives. As a result, you’ll need to jot down your thoughts in order to remember them. GDD is a fantastic tool for putting your ideas down on paper.

You must maintain your focus.

Two frequent planning faults are made by many game designers. There are either too many or too few features to invest in the game. Both are a pain in the neck.

Both of these issues may be addressed through game design documentation. You have entire control over the game’s functionality. Whether there are too many or too few functions is obvious. You have the capacity to properly plan your performance.

The most advanced GDD can also identify features and functionalities not present in the game. You could make a platform game, but you won’t be able to jump in it. Make sure you include it unless it’s part of a deliberate design choice.

The GDD should be the primary checklist. Reviewing the various items on the list as you near the end of the game may be quite motivating.

Make sure it’s in good functioning order.

A game’s development generally takes a lengthy period. Especially if the project is large and there are numerous people working on it. In such instances, it is vital to keep things tidy. Otherwise, there would be a lot of miscommunication.

The most straightforward way to do it is to utilize game design docs. If you get stuck, a decent game design document is a great place to start. Documentation may aid in simplifying and boosting the operation’s efficiency.

All the information is included on a single page.

The majority of game development projects involve several stakeholders, such as developers from various departments and stakeholders.

The use of a game design document, on the other hand, provides a solution to this problem. The game design document accurately describes the game’s vision. This keeps departments informed about their obligations at all times. Multiple stakeholders and project managers can easily follow the entire process. When people get confused, they are able to realize their error and correct it.

This is a terrific marketing strategy.

GDD has the potential to be a gold mine for marketing and public relations if done correctly. It includes everything about a game, including concept art, general themes, and so on. After then, screenshots, trailers, press releases, and other materials may be collected by you or your marketing team. Furthermore, because great GDDs are known to include demographic data, users or marketers must understand how these components are put together in order to grab their attention.

Some game design documents are so thorough that they even include details about the target audience. It aids your marketing team in creating targeted marketing campaigns that allow you to reach a bigger number of users.