33 Lakh Government Employees To Get Bonuses That Were Pending For 2 Years

33 lakh government employees have just received some happy news.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has announced a surprise windfall for central bank employees. These employees will receive their bonuses this year. These bonuses had been pending for the past 2 years, and they will be revised and paid out this year.

Jaitley, while addressing a press conference at a trade union meeting, said that the government has decided to roll out the pending bonus entitlements this year as per revised bonus norms.

The government will shell out an additional Rs 3,800 crore in paying the bonus.

And it’s not just bonuses, the government has extended its largesse to minimum wages. The minimum wage for unskilled and non-agricultural workers has been revised from Rs. 265 to Rs. 350 per day.

Lavish farewells, a new-age hashtag enabled forum to apply for govt. jobs, and dishing out bonuses, maybe it’s not a surprise after all that thousands of people are vying for government jobs.