This Delhi-Based Startup Is Offering Paid Manpower To Stand In ATM Queues

While the demonetization move has met with approval by most people (70% according to our poll), some sections have also called it a disaster citing the inconvenience ( and a few deaths) it’s caused amongst the common people.

However, along with a temporary disruption in the economy, the drive has come with its own ingenious hacks and business opportunities. If there are people unofficially offering help to dispense cash  at a commission, there’s brands like Pizza Hut and Starbucks that are offering free pizzas and coffee to the waiting public piled up outside ATMs waiting to exchange their old defunct notes and withdraw the new ones. Digital wallets have struck gold, and so have newspaper spots.

It was a matter of time before someone spotted an opportunity and did this. And so Delhi based startup BookMyChotu that revolves around providing manpower to run errands and other clerk services has stepped in with a service that could only happen in times like these. BookMyChotu is now offering people ( or what it calls “Chotus”) to stand in long queues in the ATMs on behalf of the users who value their time too much for the inconvenience. The services are available in the Delhi NCR region and hired help is available for Rs. 90 per hour. If time is money, many may consider this option feasible considering the long queues that are known to last 2-3 hours! 

What a time to be alive!

Featured image courtesy: Hindu Business Line