Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Inaugurates New Wind Farm In Most Badass Way Possible

Wind power is hardly the sexiest technology going around, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos turned the inauguration of a new wind farm into a death-defying spectacle.

Bezos inaugurated Amazon’s new wind farm in Texas while perched up on one of the 100 installed windmills. Bezos, who’s worth $85 billion, had a harness, safety helmet and sunglasses on as he broke a ceremonial champagne bottle on the windmill’s surface. A drone captured the entire event, and pulled back to reveal the windmills and the stunning vistas beyond.


Amazon already runs a lot of disparate businesses, and Wind Farms are one of the lesser known ones. The wind farm in Texas will generate enough clean energy to power more than 330,000 homes.  Amazon already has 18 running wind farms across the US, and it has another 35 in planning stages. These farms generate clean energy, and help offset Amazon’s carbon footprint.

And this isn’t the first time Bezos has featured in a gravity-challenging drone video while launching a product. Earlier this year, Blue Origin, Bezos’ rocket launch company, wanted to announce a new manufacturing facility. It created a video which showed a bird eye’s view of the factory, only to zoom in on the roof, where Bezos was lounging comfortably in an deckchair, carrying a sign saying “Rocket Factory coming soon.”

Bezos has been a late entrant to the social media game. He joined Twitter only in 2015, and has just 126 tweets to his name. But in his short stint, he’s already created some memorable moments — he’s once trolled Elon Musk, implying that Blue Origin had already managed to land a rocket before SpaceX. He’s also used his Twitter for useful causes — earlier this year, he’d asked his followers for ideas on how best to distribute his billions to charity. He’d received thousands of responses, and had said he was going to implement some of them.

And Bezos has been receiving lots of attention on social media in recent times. He was pictured looking buff and muscular earlier this year, which spawned a lot of memes. And with him being on the verge of becoming the richest man in the world, the attention is only likely to grow stronger.