Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath Shows Off Ripped Physique In New Gym Pic

Most startup CEO shares business updates and insights on X, but Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath uses the social media platform a bit differently.

Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath has shared an updated gym picture on X. The photo shows him in his shorts, revealing bulging biceps and a prominent six-pack. “Turned 44 today at 14.3% body fat, the lowest I have been. Sharing publicly for accountability, so I don’t slack and revert back to the mean,” he tweeted. “And maybe inspire a few folks and remind that age is just a number,” he added.

This isn’t the first time Kamath has shared a gym picture on social media. Two years ago, he’d shared a similar picture, that time in black and white. Back then, his body fat percentage had been 21%, compared to the much more impressive 14% now. “I’ve always been fit but struggled to look fit due to my love for food & sweets. Got worse during the lockdown, added 7kgs & body fat of 27%. Changed things from Aug & now at 21%. The goal is 15% by this Aug. Sharing this like an 18yr old so have some pressure to get there,” he had then shared on X in February 2021.

And Kamath doesn’t only focus on his own fitness — he seems to want his employees to follow suit. In 2022, Zerodha had said it would give half a month’s salary as bonus to Zerodha employees with a BMI less than 25. He then said that the current average BMI of Zerodha’s employees was 25.3, and it the team could get the collective average below 24 in four months, all employees would get another half month’s salary as bonus.

Kamath has also spoken about his workout regimen which allows him to have the physique which he does. Kamath says that he usually gets his workouts done early in the morning. He has a sweet tooth, so he does occasionally indulge himself with some Indian sweets. Kamath also performs other fitness challenges, such as the Devil’s Circuit, which involves getting past several obstacles in a race with other participants.

It’s not every day that a startup founder focuses on fitness like Kamath does. But Kamath can afford to be involved in other pursuits — Zerodha is the most profitable internet company in India, having registered profits of Rs. 2,907 crore last year. More impressively, it’s gotten there without any investors, and Kamath and his family fully own the company. Having already cracked the entrepreneurship game, Kamath is now focusing on something else — and as his gym photos show, he’s crushing it there as well.