15 Pet Focussed Startups You Need To Know About

Fortunately the startups wave has struck the animal lovers who’ve turned entrepreneurs to help your pets in every way. From booking their spas to buying the best of pet accessories, these startups are creating a whole new industry which hitherto was confined to the neighbourhood pet shop. Though petcare in India is nascent and not as mature as in western countries, the Indian petcare industry is growing at about 26% a year, fuelled by a significant increase in spending by Indians on pets in the last few years
We reached out to all the pet startups in India and got a lowdown from all of them on what they do, for you to bookmark.

Some Of The Most Interesting Outdoor Advertising Hacks Done By Indian Startups

While advertising through billboards, hoardings and usually any offline methods is considerably more expensive ( read: up to a million bucks for a months’ spot on a prime location billboard) than online advertising, flush with VC funding, most of the hot startups wouldn’t mind shelling out the dough to stand out from the clutter. And just as well. It makes perfect sense to not only capture the ready online audience, but also onboard and engage a potentially huge and captive offline audience on your platform.

Snapdeal Taps Into “Bharat”, To Be Available In 12 Indic Languages

Snapdeal, Amazon and Flipkart have been locked in fierce battle for India’s e-commerce pie. The sites currently all offer similar product selections, similar clean interfaces, and similar discounts. But Snapdeal has now brought about an innovation that can help it stand out in India’s cluttered e-commerce space. In a bid to appeal to the non-metro areas of India, Snapdeal’s site will soon be available 11 new Indian languages.