Alphabet Surpasses Apple To Become The Most Valuable Company In The World

There’s been a major shift in the world of technology. Apple, which has been been the most valuable company in the world since 2010, has been dethroned. Alphabet smashed Wall Street estimates in its earning calls today, following which its stock rose 9% and was trading at a high of $770. That translates into a market capitalization of $570 billion, eclipsing Apple’s current market cap of about $535 billion.

All The Christmas Gifts Google’s Given Its Employees Since 2009

Google being Google, world’s biggest tech giant, and a cash-rich company whose employee-friendly culture is universally celebrated and lauded does Christmas in style. Not only does Google go out in decking up its campuses around the globe and dissing up Christmas special fare to its 30,000 employees, it plays the biggest Santa every Christmas.

Google employees around the world get a gift, called the Holiday gift every year during Christmas. These are no ordinary gifts, a box of chocolates or a little gadget! We have a roundup of all the gifts Google’s showered on its employees.

Google Has A Youthful New Logo

The familiar, reassuring logo that greeted millions of netizens as they embarked upon their online netizens is about to be altered. Google, which had a virtually unchanged logo for the greater part of the company’s 16-year old existence, is finally changing its logo. Here is the new logo, right next to the old one.