Indian Startups Are Having A Field Day With Delhi’s OddEven Rule

While the unique initiative off OddEVen vehicles on Delhi roads has met with mixed reactions on the ground, and has become a butt of a gamut of social media jokes and commentary, operationally this has helped many urban commute startups and carpooling initiatives. In the midst of the OddEven Hoopla, Indian startups have found a way to leverage this buzz for some interesting marketing initiatives. Couple with some sense of humour, and a quick action, Zomato and Freecharge have both put an OddEven spin on their social media.

Zomato Forced To Take Down Porn Campaign

Zomato had revealed the results of its porn marketing campaign with much fanfare. The company had decided to advertise on porn websites to promote its night time deliveries. And the campaign, however unconventional, had worked. Zomato had managed to draw people to its site at record low costs. It had seemed like a perfect startup hack – an insight into consumer behaviour that had demonstrable results. Yet Zomato’s taken the campaign down a day after it was announced.

Zomato Messes Up An Order, Sends Handwritten Note To Apologize

India’s food tech companies aren’t exactly known for their great customer service. The Facebook pages of Foodpanda, Swiggy and the like are littered with rants from irate customers who’ve been left hungry when their orders haven’t been processed as they’d have liked. The latest entrant in the food ordering game though is trying to do things differently. When a Zomato customer complained on twitter that he hadn’t received an order, he was in for a surprise.