5 Out Of The 6 Richest Young Indians Are Startup Founders

Amongst all the reasons quoted for starting a startup, the most common ones are “wanting to create something”, “passion to do”, and “be independent”. Very few founders would blatantly admit “to be rich” as one. However, being rich just happens to be one of the by products of a successful startup. Nine out of ten startups fail, but the ones that do sustain really rake in the moolah. And it can happen very, very quickly. So it’s no wonder that in a burgeoning startups ecosystem in India, some of the youngest richest Indians are startup founders.
Here’s the list of these startup flounders in the order of wealth and age.

A CEO Wrote A Brutal Open Letter To “College Crybabies”

As students spend the butt ends of their college lives, they live lives of entitlement and hyper sensitivity. The biggest banes of a student life could range from a slow internet connection to a bad date.

However, this CEO and a experienced professional wants to say it like it is. Kyle Reyes, the CEO of a marketing firm Silent Partner and a keynote speaker who’s well into his 40s, wrote an open letter addressing today’s millennials – people born in the late 80s/Early 90s. With the letter, he wishes to set the record about the professional life straight and present the bare facts about a career, instead of a rosy view. He also is quite brutal in calling out some of the fallacies of this generation about their sensitive nature and sense of entitlement. And ultimately, Reyes shares some hard hitting, but crucial tips about career and making it big.

Treebo Hotels’ New Office In Bangalore Is A Great Stay Option For Its Employees

If you can count the number of people who wait for their office hours to get over and rush back home, there are also some who love to spend most of their time in office. All credit goes to startups who make sure that their employees feel at home by combining both fun and work at one place. And Treebo Hotels spanking new office located in HSR Layout, the Start-up hub of Bengaluru offers just that.
We did a quick tour and here’s some images from the lovely office.