Pakistani Startups Inspired By Every Top Indian Startup

India’s neighbour and archrival, Pakistan has a counterpart for every top Indian startup there is, right from Flipkart to to Zomato. Pakistani startups may have a long way to go in terms of investment rounds, the look and feel of the website and app, and market penetration, the presence of these established startups is a handy reckoner of its potential. And while India is sometimes accused of following US and China models of startups, it’s in a way redeeming to say that many of India’s homegrown startups have inspired the same in its neighbour country.
Here’s a look at top 12 Pakistani startups, along with their Indian inspiration.

Coverfox’s Office In Mumbai Is All Things Green, Clean And Fun

Coverfox is an online insurance aggregator based of Mumbai. The young and energetic startup has just moved into a new office at Andheri, Mumbai and we got a chance to look at it.
This massive vibrant space of 20,000 square feet space strikes one as a sprawling office with a green ‘cover’ as trees and vines – both real and faux – adorn the walls, the cubicles and other spaces, giving it a natural, eco-friendly appeal.

Deepika Padukone’s Letter From Her Father Is A Charming Read

Deepika Padukone is one of the most stellar success stories of Bollywood today. With 30+ films and billions in money under her kitty, the leggy model from Bengaluru has come a long way. But Deepika is also known to be a grounded, humble and deeply family oriented girl.
In philanthropist and Infosys founder Narayan Murthy’s wife Sudha Murthy’s book “Legacy”, Prakash Padukone’s letter to her daughter Deepika talks about her success, but most importantly expounds on her journey there. It also includes valuable lessons on staying humble and down to earth in the face of a charmed life.

5 Out Of The 6 Richest Young Indians Are Startup Founders

Amongst all the reasons quoted for starting a startup, the most common ones are “wanting to create something”, “passion to do”, and “be independent”. Very few founders would blatantly admit “to be rich” as one. However, being rich just happens to be one of the by products of a successful startup. Nine out of ten startups fail, but the ones that do sustain really rake in the moolah. And it can happen very, very quickly. So it’s no wonder that in a burgeoning startups ecosystem in India, some of the youngest richest Indians are startup founders.
Here’s the list of these startup flounders in the order of wealth and age.

A CEO Wrote A Brutal Open Letter To “College Crybabies”

As students spend the butt ends of their college lives, they live lives of entitlement and hyper sensitivity. The biggest banes of a student life could range from a slow internet connection to a bad date.

However, this CEO and a experienced professional wants to say it like it is. Kyle Reyes, the CEO of a marketing firm Silent Partner and a keynote speaker who’s well into his 40s, wrote an open letter addressing today’s millennials – people born in the late 80s/Early 90s. With the letter, he wishes to set the record about the professional life straight and present the bare facts about a career, instead of a rosy view. He also is quite brutal in calling out some of the fallacies of this generation about their sensitive nature and sense of entitlement. And ultimately, Reyes shares some hard hitting, but crucial tips about career and making it big.