Mumbai Taxis On Strike, Uber Comes Up With The Perfect Response

Uber has grown at a astonishing pace to be worth $50 billion within 6 years of its inception, but its rise has been against fearsome odds, the most prominent of which has been the resistance of traditional taxi drivers whose services they have tried to disrupt. From the US to France to India, taxi unions have attempted to thwart the cab hailing company’s rise, with mixed results.

Flipkart Issues Legal Notice To Blogger Who Started

Amit Bhawani wanted to solve a $100 billion problem that had been vexing business insiders, industry watchers and casual consumers alike. He wanted to get a handle on the e-commerce space in India and understand which of the two stalwarts, Amazon and Flipkart, was doing better. He chose a rather unconventional way to go about this. Instead of poring over balance sheets and decoding graphs with GMV figures, he went straight to the consumer – he set up

These 10 Famous Authors Had Regular Day Jobs!

Long before they became the world class raconteurs we know them to be, and had all the success, fame and money, these authors had normal day jobs to support themselves. As they say art imitates life, many of their writings and incidents in the books were inspired by their jobs.
While most authors kept their jobs after becoming successful authors, some of them even kept the jobs along with their publishing career. In no particular order here’s a list of some famous authors, and their jobs.

Tatas To Inaugurate Country’s Largest Startup Hub In Telangana

Hyderbad is fast becoming a magnet for innovation and next-gen business. After global biggies such as Google, Amazon and Uber had annouced plans to set up large operations in the state, it is now the turn of Indian companies to come calling.
Tata Sons is setting up India’s largest incubation center, T-Hub in Hyderabad. The facility will be inaugurated on September 7th this month by Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata.