Why Startups Should Think About Retirement

It may seem like a paradox to offer a retirement plan at a startup. Startup ventures are inherently risky. Will it be worth the extra paperwork and cash to fulfill your end of the bargain? And will employees want to stick around long enough for vesting? The truth is, it is worth it to offer some form of retirement plan to your employees. Here’s why.

There’s More To Diversity Than Just Women In The Workforce

The definition of diversity in India or rather in corporate India is still limited to the inclusion of women in the workplace. The focus still seems to revolve around giving priority to recruitment of women, creating “enabling” policies, offering healthy work-life balance, etc. to encourage retaining women in the work force. But there’s more to diversity than just women in the workforce.

Having Flowers In Your Office Is A Great Idea. Here’s How To Do It Right

What does your reception area say about your business? Is it functional and unimaginative, serving as a mere doorway to the offices beyond? Or is it stylish and welcoming, presenting a polished first impression to your clients and the world outside? If it’s the former, you might be missing a trick – and gorgeous floral arrangements in your office foyer are an easy way to inject some fresh pizzazz.

8 Confidence Boosters While You Are Job Hunting

The mind can work in mysterious ways. Sometimes, that’s not such a good thing, especially when it seems that your good intentions are sabotaged at every turn. Take looking for a job, for example. A positive mind set is crucial for success – so what can you do to ensure that you stay confident during the recruitment process? Here are 8 tips and ideas you can implement straight away.

Ex-Infosys Veteran Shares 10 Insights From 25 Year Long Career

I have just resigned my job after ~25 years of service at Infosys in pursuit of a job in CSR field or in non-profit sector or to start a social enterprise or a start-up. I had sent a farewell message internally with details of 25 year exciting journey from a trainee to an executive who managed more than USD 150 mn revenues and 1700+ people. Along with that, I have also added top 10 insights/learnings during my tenure at Infosys.