8 Important Budget Announcements About Income Tax Every Professional Should Know

The union budget has been declared and and the average individual must be wondering how things are going to change for them in the financial year 2016-17. Over 180 announcements were made which would make it somewhat difficult to keep track of the really relevant ones. Hence, we analyzed the budget for 2016 and summarized the relevant announcements. The 8 announcements listed below are the most noteworthy topics of the budget that you should be aware of.

Your Corporate Events Suck. Here’s Why

Face it. Event agencies, banquet halls, planners, travel agents, and no matter what high level BS you toss around in the planning war room, your corporate event is going to be just the same as anyone else’s.

Your employees hate these parties and dinners. They’re awkwardly standing in their own groups. Management is on another table chatting up business and what not and as the only member from L&D you’re politely nodding along hoping your review on the event goes through well.

How To Register Your Startup: The Complete Lowdown

Anyone who aims to build a successful startup must also know where to start from. While in practice you can start operating your business, the minute you have an idea and a team to execute it, a company or a startup is a legal entity and it must be registered with the government and have a proper, and legally-recognizable status. A company can achieve that by “incorporating” or formally registering itself as a commercial entity. Here’s all you need to know about how to register your startup.