13 Classic Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Let’s face it, slugging it out at a job that you’ve mentally checked out of isn’t helping anyone. Not your company, not your career and least of all, you. You are in it for the money, but maybe this job has run its course. Maybe you should be looking at greener pastures. Maybe you should move on. It’s about time.

Here are the ultimate signs it’s time to quit your job. And trust me, these are coming from someone who’s faced them, in multiple jobs.

12 Incorrect Terms Your Colleagues Need To Stop Using At Work

While mastering the English language and its fine nuances isn’t the requisite for winning business, it’s always good to avoid making these easy mistakes to begin with. Sometimes a well written, typo-free email vs one with all these goof-ups could be the difference between being taken seriously or being shown the door.
So, here’s us going grammar Nazi on corporate communication and point out the 12 most common typos and other grammatical transgressions people especially in the Indian context, make at work, why they’re wrong, and how to avoid them. ( The transgressions, not the people!)