12 Incorrect Terms Your Colleagues Need To Stop Using At Work

While mastering the English language and its fine nuances isn’t the requisite for winning business, it’s always good to avoid making these easy mistakes to begin with. Sometimes a well written, typo-free email vs one with all these goof-ups could be the difference between being taken seriously or being shown the door.
So, here’s us going grammar Nazi on corporate communication and point out the 12 most common typos and other grammatical transgressions people especially in the Indian context, make at work, why they’re wrong, and how to avoid them. ( The transgressions, not the people!)

Getting Fired Isn’t The End Of The World, Here’s How To Deal With It

Getting fired isn’t easy. Whether you’re an ambitious young professional or an old-time executive, you just never know when you’ll be handed the pink slip. It could be due to many reasons like company restructuring, downsizing, change in management, or because of your unsuitability for a role or disciplinary issues. Whatever the reason be, it can wreak havoc on your self esteem and disrupt your life.

However the good news is that losing a job is not the end of the world and with the right approach and perspective you could turn something bad into something positive.

We spoke to many people who have lost their jobs, how they dealt with it, and have compiled this handy guide on how to deal with getting fired, with grace and make the best out of it.

15 Ways To Earn Money Alongside a Full-Time Job

So, you find yourself living from paycheque to paycheque more often than you’d like to. Or simply, you’d like to have some extra “fun cash” to do things that wouldn’t eat into your savings for bigger things like a house, marriage or future education.

While the timings of your existing job, your work load or required skills may play a big role into your ability to earn extra income, we have compiled an indicative Infographic of things you could do with little or no effort to make that extra buck while having a full time job.