Aditya Birla Group To Launch An Intrapreneurship Program For Employees

The Aditya Birla Group is an over a century old, $40 billion, multinational conglomerate, employing over 120,000 employees worldwide. Most employees of the company have working there for years, and a job at an Indian behemoth such as an Aditya Birla Company usually means a conventional and secure job. However, in a true manifestation of the old guard accepting the new, the employees of the many companies under the group can now give way to their entrepreneurial dreams with the company’s blessings.

TVF Raises $10 Million From Tiger Global, Valued At Rs. 270 Crore

You’d think that a company whose flagship product is called “Qtiyapa” wouldn’t be an ideal candidate for investment from a big top-tier VC, but you’d be wrong. The Viral Fever, the comedy collective that has made hit online series including TVF Pitchers and Permanent Roomates, has just raised $10 million from Tiger Global. The investment values the six year old company at Rs. 270 crore.