Fired TinyOwl Employees Keep Cofounder Hostage In Office 36 Hours

The food tech crisis is getting messier. After TinyOwl’s second round of layoffs in as many months in which the company let go of a hundred employees and shut down several city offices, the company sent its senior to deliver the news in a “human” way. When cofounder Gaurav Choudhary reached the Pune office, he realized he’d got more than what he bargained for – he couldn’t get out.

Have Food Tech Startups Bitten Off More Than They Can Chew?

A year ago, the food tech sector was booming. Funds were plentiful, investors were upbeat, and a new company seemed to be coming up every minute. Cut to a year later, and things aren’t quite so rosy. There have been murmurs of overvalued companies, and investors are being more circumspect with their cash. One sector that has been particularly hard hit is the food tech industry.

40% Of Ecommerce Goods In China Counterfeit: Report

Not too long ago, the world had its eyes on China as one of the fastest growing countries in the globe. Now its economy has been slowing down, and the future doesn’t look quite as bright any more. One of the bright spots in China’s economy was its e-commerce sector, where players like Alibaba were breaking new ground with their humungous sales figures. A new report, however, takes the sheen off these numbers.