Inshorts: How A Facebook Page Became A 600 Crore Company

It was an ordinary Facebook page, created hopefully like the many thousand others that are created each day on the world’s biggest social network. It didn’t exactly aim to change the world. Its aims were relatively modest – it aimed to provide news updates in 60 words or less.

Three years later, that Facebook page has metamorphosed into a Rs. 600 crore company.

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The Fake Sundar Pichai’s On The Internet Are Hilarious

Someone has created a page for Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google, on Facebook, impostering to be him. While the real Sundar Pichai is busy changing the world, providing free wifi, or generally minding his 550billion valued company, the fake Sundar Pichai is dispensing world wisdom on this page with 66,000 fans. The page surprisingly includes hundreds of Googlers themselves..

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These Indian Startups Had The Most Awesome Hiring Campaigns

You can either post a normal “Looking for a graphic designer for a creative and exciting startup” or you can show it. When job hiring campaigns are so good in themselves they serve more as marketing campaigns for the hiring company, other than getting the right candidates for the opening, it’s only a good thing.
Here’s some of the most creative, saucy and plain clever ads by Indian startups and ad agencies of late.

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