The Day My Startup Died: Of failure, pain and starting anew

I’d spent the last few weeks desperately trying to save my startup and failed. My co-founder had told me point blank that he had no faith in my ability to be the CEO of the company. I’d studied at the best engineering college in the country, worked at the best management consulting firm in the world. I took risks and tried to build a real business that built real technologies to help real factory. I even had paying customers. And still, I’d failed.

Here’s 7 Indian Startups That Went All Out On April Fools’ Day

Despite a slow April fool’s, some Indian startups went all out there and pulled off some great April Fool’s day pranks. While Google, as tradition goes, pulled off another April Fool’s joke in the form of the “Google glass cardboard”, it’s the Indian startups, that in their own tone and style, had their unsuspecting customers fooled up. Here’s a list in no particular order.