8000 Candidates Show Up At HCL’s Walk-in Interview In Bangalore

While most people enjoyed a lazy Sunday morning with their friends and family on 24th January, a large number of youngsters spent hours wilting under the hot sun, with stars in their eyes, and their future in the resumes they held.

8000 job aspirants lined up in a one km long queue, leading up to the electronic city campus of HCL, one of the biggest IT employers in India, for a walk-in interview scheduled by the company.

Why Buying Fake Facebook Fans And Twitter Followers Is Bad

Numbers. We all love them. Pageviews, ‘uniques’, subscribers and of course Facebook fans and Twitter followers. The higher they are, the more your business can be validated.
However, once what used to be a metric to judge how useful your business is to the audience you cater to by way of number of people liking or following you, has now come to mean ‘the more the better’. And brands, even the most popular ones, are resorting to buying fans and followers to boost their social media stats. However, buying your social media audience could do more harm than good and here’s why.

Want Better Customer Service? Be A Better Customer

The consumer of the digital age is empowered with a voice that finds its way on various channels of social media. One bad experience, and the beleaguered customers get on a personal vendetta to vent out at the brand. While the customer plight is understandable, and brands should make all efforts to provide a seamless, smooth customer experience, the truth is stuff does go wrong, people make mistakes and every once in a while the customer may not have the perfect experience he signed up for. However, as much as the business owes the customer, the customer too has certain responsibilities. Here are a few ways we can do better at our roles at consumers, and instead of trying to resort to aggression or rudeness, help both the company and themselves enjoy a mutually respectful, healthy and complaints- free relationship.

He Turns Work Frustrations Into Fantastic Art With Mini Figures

Sometimes work can be really hectic and frustrating and as grownups, we are expected to be cool about it and keep the whining to ourselves. Derrick works in advertising and his workday is often very chaotic and unpredictable. While trying not to let the stress get him, he decided to turn the mundane and often annoying little moments in his agency life into inspirations for something whimsical and magical with this fantastic art.

9 Factors To Consider To Choose A Great Name For Your Startup

The name for your company, product or the brand is probably going to be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the process of starting a company, only second to the business itself. It will be the name you would mentally verbalise a 100 times a day and hope for it to become a household name in due time. So what are the factors one should keep before naming their company? We asked a few startup founders and did our research and found the following patterns: