How A Simple Blog Became India’s No. 1 Freshers Job Site

Freshersworld is somewhat of an anomaly in today’s fast-paced startup ecosystem. For starters, it’s barely a startup, having started off way back in 2006. Also, it hasn’t yet joined the funding rat race, and remains proudly bootstrapped to this day. And most importantly, unlike other vaunted, well-publicized startups, it’s profitable – it had revenues of Rs. 19 crore last year.

Dhiraj Rajaram Sued For Misleading An Early Investor

Mu Sigma CEO Dhiraj Rajaram has been sued in the US for misleading an early investor about the prospects of the company. Patrick G. Ryan, who at one point held 17.5% of shares in Mu Sigma, claims that Rajaram cheated him of millions of dollars by downplaying Mu Sigma’s growth prospects, which caused him to sell back his stake for an amount much less than they were worth.