These Indians Trolled Their Interviewers & Still Got The Job!

Interviews are usually a sacrosanct affair. It’s a matter of getting a job and advancing your career, and people put their best foot forward. However, there are some cases when candidates take a leap of faith and instead of playing it safe and giving well-thought out, stock responses, end up putting their foot in the mouth. Here are a few shining examples of when people said or did some rather crazy things AND got the job! Whether they got lucky, or their cheek paid off, is a anyone’s guess, but these make for some very interesting and hilarious interview stories.

Top 6 Most Sought-After Startup Jobs In 2016 And What They Do

While job roles for most companies are more or less similar, some jobs are a reflection of the current economy. India’s in the midst of booming startup culture. Most of these startups operate online, and often ecommerce, the man power required has shaped accordingly. We crunched some data on the various job portals and startup communities in India and found the following job roles were the most sought after. We have also analysed some salary trends for these roles to come up with a range.

Indian Startups Are Having A Field Day With Delhi’s OddEven Rule

While the unique initiative off OddEVen vehicles on Delhi roads has met with mixed reactions on the ground, and has become a butt of a gamut of social media jokes and commentary, operationally this has helped many urban commute startups and carpooling initiatives. In the midst of the OddEven Hoopla, Indian startups have found a way to leverage this buzz for some interesting marketing initiatives. Couple with some sense of humour, and a quick action, Zomato and Freecharge have both put an OddEven spin on their social media.